Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We on the hill had an exciting and unexpected thrill on Saturday. Our hill was in the holding pattern for the planes that would fly over the Capitol after the new Governor of Tennessee was inaugurated. The above photo is looking west of Jackson Hill.
The planes had already made a couple of passes before I put on my big lenses. The C130 was heading east. The tree is a tulip popular (state tree) I thought that rather poetic. There were two C130 planes followed by a "HUGE" plane, a C5A.
I thought the big plane looked like a flying shark.
A little closer look at the C130. I know there are better photos out there but this one was coming over our house.

I was standing a the far end of the porch looking west, as they came back over again.
Another shot with them at a different angle.
I was still standing on the far end of the porch as I took this photo looking east.
The big guy coming from the west and heading east.

A close up of the C5A out of Memphis. This is an enlargement of the following photo. Oops out of order.

The C130 heading east and a enlargement in the following photo. Wow, this time I got them in order. Pat me on the back.

After around 8 or 10 rounds in the holding pattern, a tanker joined as the third plane in front of the C5A and after the two C130.
This is a photo taken of the television fly over. The large building is the Tennessee Tower, which is close to the Capitol and legislative plaza where the inauguration was taking place.
Our pupil television station covered the inauguration and the parade afterwards. This is Governor Bill Haslem making his first speech as governor.
The kitty justice is I need to recharge my batteries, therefore, I will be taking a break until Valentine Day. Hugs


Changes in the wind said...

You captured some great shots...Have a nice break but will miss you....

Patty said...

Great photos. Enjoy your break. I need to take one and get some housework and laundry done. LOL It seems I just keep getting further and further behind. Please I tire out a lot quicker.

Patty said...

That was suppose to be plus, how please got in there I don't know. Perhaps I'm saying PLEASE I need help. LOL

Small City Scenes said...

Great shots Lady Di. An important man>

Go rest and relax and we will all be here waiting for the next exciting installment of Kitty Justice. MB

DUTA said...

Very handsome governor! Let's hope he's also an efficient one.
Your photos of the flying planes are stunning!
Have a nice vacation!

Lady Di Tn said...

To Yawl
Thanks for your comments and wishes. I did have a very productive and relaxing time away. Now Kitty is back to deliver more justice. Peace