Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here is the only baby photo of Kitty Justice.(Due to house fires ) I did not have any hair until I was 3 years old and then it came in white or as we say "Cotton Top".
I feel like a big baby today. This kat is not feeling well. It all started yesterday at 4am. I just turned over in bed on my right side. The world started spinning like a giant toy top and someone was pushing the handle down faster and faster. I sat up and held on to objects to make it to the lady's room and when I flipped on the light I thought I was in one of those bad TV episodes where the world is moving . Do any of you recall how a television with horizontal problems looked? Well this was the same effect except it was vertical. It went flip, flip and flip. I became extremely nauseated and had the dry heaves at first and then it happen, up it came. Now I am not a subject to vomit. I have the stomach of a warrior and when others up chuck, I have no compulsion to follow suit. Any sudden movement started the giant toy top moving again, so I had to practice snail ism. Around mid afternoon the world stopped spinning so I figured I was well on the recovery side of whatever had jumped upon my being. About 5 this morning, I made my usual visit to the lady's room and when I got back in bed, I laid on my right side. Oh my!!!! the giant toy top began moving again. I got up made it to the lady's room just in time to up chuck . I occupied myself with cold compresses on my head, neck and face. I crawled back to bed and as my head went Bang, Bang, Bang , I finally drifted off to sleep.
The kitty justice is I am as" weak" as a kitten but the world has settled back into place for now. So, I have a call into the doctor.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mz Maggie in one of her favorite rooms. She is usually under the dining room table as she like the feeling of her crate. Therefore, if anyone wants to know where she is located, the answer will be the dining room crate. This area is perfect to watch the coming and goings of her people without being in the way plus she can keep an eye out for any intruder in her yard. This makes a very good vantage point for her.
Maggie got some new jewelry at the vet. After Prince put it on her collar, we noticed a new sound around the house. The new jewelry has a different jingle than her old ones.
The very first thing that the vet said was "Maggie has the shiniest coat." Once again we contributed it to her love of fruit and the new dog food. She had lost almost 2 pounds from last years visit. I told the vet that since Maggie had been on Blue Buffalo dog food she was not shedding as much. The vet was pleased with our choice of food.
The kitty justice is just like Maggie all my numbers were down and I too had lost 2 pounds since my last visit to the doctor.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr is Sprint Car favorite driver. His fans called "Jr Nation" roar whenever he gets into the lead. He is also one of Hendricks Motorsports quartet of drivers. The first of the green, white, checker he crashed into the wall which made him finish 24th. The other three drivers crashed on lap 29. The old man of the group, Mark Martin car number 5 finished the highest at tenth place.
Most folks are asking today,"Who is Trevor Bayne?" He has only ran two Sprint car races and this was his first Daytona 500. Yesterday he became the youngest driver(turning age 20 the day before, Saturday 2-19) to win the Super Bowl of racing. He provided the Wood Brothers their fifth Daytona 500 win. However, the last win was in 1976 with David Pearson driving the 21 car and he is being inducted into the racing hall of fame this year. The number 21 car was painted just like the one that ran in 1976.
The kitty justice is that Tennesseans have another home grown racer (Knoxville, TN.) to cheer.
PS Brian Keselowski's car 92 had a small black line on it saying " " which is a big dispute between our Mayor and the people of Tennessee. I think our Mayor Karl Dean has a case of the MEASLES.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Sparrow and Male Cardinal enjoy a little snack from my feeder. This morning when I took Maggie for her first outing, the birds were singing. It sounded like natures orchestral tuning up for the day.
A male and female Purple Finch parting in my meager fare. These are nasty little birds and you would understand if you encountered on of their nest. They do not clean them out like other birds.
I love to watch the antics of the Nuthatch.
A Sparrow, Chickadee, and female Cardinal wondering whether to eat or fly.
The kitty justice it would be a dull world in sight and sound if we were not entertained by our feathered friends.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Puppy's room is slowly being taken over by Kitty Justice. The little shelf stayed but it now has teapots and other little items that are mine that have taken place of his cars and sports memorabilia. Today I moved my basket with his antlers in it and replaced them with a painting of parrots and a parrot wine holder which holds my bottle of Elvis wine.
I left the room just like he had left it until last fall and I started boxing up his room and displaying my paintings. It is no longer a child's room but an extra bedroom for family and friends.
The kitty justice is children grow up and we parents have to grow up also.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The moon has been appearing before dark lately and tonight it is suppose to be full. I am a big fan of sky watching. I love to see the sun rise in the morning and the moon and stars appear at night. Having the privilege to live on top of a hill also helps me get a great view of the majestic world above.
Even clouds have a nice place in my memory. Do any of you remember as a child laying in the grass and watching the clouds above and then seeing shapes in them (dogs, cats, bears ,people even boats). Just whatever the imagination can conjure up. I may not lay in the grass now but I still see imagines in the clouds.
The kitty justice if you look to the sky, you can be spectacularly entertained for free.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This is one of the fifty cards that I came across the other day. The cards have the painting of a bird on the front and on the back it list a description, classification, scientific name and range. The title card states "50 Winter Birds of the Northeastern United States from color drawings by Allan Brooks, published by the National Association of Audubon Societies, 1974 Broadway, New York City. Sold in sets Price $1.00."
I have truly enjoyed both the paintings and the information on the back of each card.
The kitty justice is that you can learn a lot from a dollar set of cards.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sam Cat follows Mimi around like a dog. I am only secure in writing this statement because he would be highly offended if I said it aloud. Then I would have to suffer his indignation. It is rather rare to get a photo of the imp as he will hid most of the time.
In other words he tolerates the other humans in the house but has no love lost for us, mainly because we are the owners of the huge black beast , Maggie.
When Maggie was a pup she thought of Sam as a motorized toy. Needless to say he has never forgiven her.
Ten years ago I drove almost to the Alabama border to bring him to the hill as Mimi's Christmas present. At that time there was only one listing of Siamese cats for sale. I called the lady and told her about Mimi always having Siamese cats and I was looking for a replacement for the Sam who had gone to kitty heaven. She had only one male kitty left and she had promised him to a breeder. I thanked her for her time and thought well I might had to Internet search for a kitty. Within the hour, she called back and said she had spoke with the breeder and he said told her to let me have the kitty for the Christmas present. Could I come down and pick him up.
I had to borrow a cage from our vet and then off I went down I65. She had given me perfect directions as I did not miss a turn. This is saying something as I am directional impaired.
It was really pretty country and I enjoyed drive. I located her house and when I stepped out of my car, I was greeted by a herd of dogs. I found out she kept walk ons and helped with shelter animals.
After I sat down , she began to inquire about the family and other pets and I felt like I was interviewing for a corporate job. There was a tiny kitten and it came lovingly up to me and she informed me that was not the kitten for sale and I was rather disappointed. She left the room and i returned with the kitten for sale wrapped in a cloth. I was handed this outraged kitten. He bit at me, and meowed very loudly in protest. I looked at her in alarm as she had this look that her kitten was not leaving with me. I told her quickly I was a dog person and kitten probably sensed this and the kitten was for my eighty year old MIL. She took the kitten while I wrote the check for payment and then I got the cage from the car and placed the fur ball inside. I left quickly before she changed her mind. The kitten meowed all the way to the interstate and then he was quite but as soon as I got off he started his protest again.
At this point in time, I thought "What am I doing?"
When I got home it was love at first sight, he liked his new digs and I believe he was happy the little lady was his owner instead of me.
The kitty justice is he is Top Cat on the hill but not the only cat, as we now have a couple of walk ons we have named Mo and Larry. I guess Curly will be next.
OOPS forgot Mz Kitty next door but she stays in more than she is out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. It started out here with this beautiful sunrise. As I was taking the photos, eight deer wandered by the feeding station. The sun is shining and life is good on the hill. Friday morning we awoke to 7 degrees and then Sunday it got up to 65 degrees. A big change but a enjoyable one.

Here is a photo of my cards and gifts. I cannot wait to have coffee out of my Snoopy cup and put my Elvis CD's in Mz Merlot # 5. The red cup is what I gave Prince and we laughed how we both think alike.
The kitty justice is to hug your family, kiss your friends and smile at your enemies (makes them uncomfortable).