Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here is the only baby photo of Kitty Justice.(Due to house fires ) I did not have any hair until I was 3 years old and then it came in white or as we say "Cotton Top".
I feel like a big baby today. This kat is not feeling well. It all started yesterday at 4am. I just turned over in bed on my right side. The world started spinning like a giant toy top and someone was pushing the handle down faster and faster. I sat up and held on to objects to make it to the lady's room and when I flipped on the light I thought I was in one of those bad TV episodes where the world is moving . Do any of you recall how a television with horizontal problems looked? Well this was the same effect except it was vertical. It went flip, flip and flip. I became extremely nauseated and had the dry heaves at first and then it happen, up it came. Now I am not a subject to vomit. I have the stomach of a warrior and when others up chuck, I have no compulsion to follow suit. Any sudden movement started the giant toy top moving again, so I had to practice snail ism. Around mid afternoon the world stopped spinning so I figured I was well on the recovery side of whatever had jumped upon my being. About 5 this morning, I made my usual visit to the lady's room and when I got back in bed, I laid on my right side. Oh my!!!! the giant toy top began moving again. I got up made it to the lady's room just in time to up chuck . I occupied myself with cold compresses on my head, neck and face. I crawled back to bed and as my head went Bang, Bang, Bang , I finally drifted off to sleep.
The kitty justice is I am as" weak" as a kitten but the world has settled back into place for now. So, I have a call into the doctor.


Small City Scenes said...

You had better call the doc. Something is going on there. Not fun at all. So weak kitty stay off the right side. I hope all will be well very soon.

Love the Morning Glory pic. (I think) One of my favorite happy flowers.


Changes in the wind said...

Yikes...what in the world could this be?

AngelMc said...

Sounds like labyrinthitis. My husband has a terrible time with it. Better see a doc.
Found your blog through Duta..come over and visit me sometime at min.e

Lady Di Tn said...

I did and I had a partial Kirby fit which may make them ask for me to get another doctor. That was the worse I ever felt and I am not a good patient so all my patience had eluded me by the time they called.
I am taking a motion sickness over the counter meds at present.
Oh, I love morning glories too and yes they are a happy flower. Mother always had them somewhere in her yard. Peace

Vertigo from Hell is how it feels. Peace

Welcome to kitty justice and if you are like me you love Duta blog. I will be sure to visit when I get a little better as I still am on the light headed part of this blasted vertigo. thanks for the info and will check out labyrinthitis on google. Peace

Lee said...

I hope you're feeling better by the time of my writing, Lady Di. What a horrible feeling it must have been for you.

Take good care. I love your header pic...stunning!

DUTA said...

My first measure against anything that looks bad is also cold compresses. My additional measure is drinking soda water or even better, mineral water strongly carbonated, which helps cleaning the stomach and prevent vomiting.

Hope you feel well soon!

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to see you. I lost most of my favorite blog list when Puppy put me on this new thing. I will pop over and put you back on my list. Thanks and Peace

Thanks for the suggestions. I did use the cold compresses daily and drank diet sprite to settle my stomach with lots of saltine crackers. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I finally caught up with your blogs to learn of your
bad turns and feel quite upset for you. I do hope in that time you are fully recovered and I will re read
your later blogs. I pray that all is well now with you dear friend. I wish
you enough. Love and Peace, Merle.