Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sam Cat follows Mimi around like a dog. I am only secure in writing this statement because he would be highly offended if I said it aloud. Then I would have to suffer his indignation. It is rather rare to get a photo of the imp as he will hid most of the time.
In other words he tolerates the other humans in the house but has no love lost for us, mainly because we are the owners of the huge black beast , Maggie.
When Maggie was a pup she thought of Sam as a motorized toy. Needless to say he has never forgiven her.
Ten years ago I drove almost to the Alabama border to bring him to the hill as Mimi's Christmas present. At that time there was only one listing of Siamese cats for sale. I called the lady and told her about Mimi always having Siamese cats and I was looking for a replacement for the Sam who had gone to kitty heaven. She had only one male kitty left and she had promised him to a breeder. I thanked her for her time and thought well I might had to Internet search for a kitty. Within the hour, she called back and said she had spoke with the breeder and he said told her to let me have the kitty for the Christmas present. Could I come down and pick him up.
I had to borrow a cage from our vet and then off I went down I65. She had given me perfect directions as I did not miss a turn. This is saying something as I am directional impaired.
It was really pretty country and I enjoyed drive. I located her house and when I stepped out of my car, I was greeted by a herd of dogs. I found out she kept walk ons and helped with shelter animals.
After I sat down , she began to inquire about the family and other pets and I felt like I was interviewing for a corporate job. There was a tiny kitten and it came lovingly up to me and she informed me that was not the kitten for sale and I was rather disappointed. She left the room and i returned with the kitten for sale wrapped in a cloth. I was handed this outraged kitten. He bit at me, and meowed very loudly in protest. I looked at her in alarm as she had this look that her kitten was not leaving with me. I told her quickly I was a dog person and kitten probably sensed this and the kitten was for my eighty year old MIL. She took the kitten while I wrote the check for payment and then I got the cage from the car and placed the fur ball inside. I left quickly before she changed her mind. The kitten meowed all the way to the interstate and then he was quite but as soon as I got off he started his protest again.
At this point in time, I thought "What am I doing?"
When I got home it was love at first sight, he liked his new digs and I believe he was happy the little lady was his owner instead of me.
The kitty justice is he is Top Cat on the hill but not the only cat, as we now have a couple of walk ons we have named Mo and Larry. I guess Curly will be next.
OOPS forgot Mz Kitty next door but she stays in more than she is out.


Honest Abe Lincoln said...

A beautiful cat. I just finished watching cats 101 on television the other night and fell in love with the ocelot that looks like the real ocelot.

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ Nice story about Mimi'a cat
and how you got him for her Christmas
present. I don't have any pets as I used to go away twice a year while my Dad was alive. I used to enjoy having John's two little dogs for a while, but he is afraid they would trip me now.
Glad you liked my purple flowers - and I think most of us like purple as we get older. I am glad our side of the world has settled down after all our floods,cyclones and fires. Glad you got a small reprieve from the snow and got some warmth. Take care, dear friend,
Love, Merle.

DUTA said...

Sam cat is a beauty. The blue in his eyes reminds me of Liz Taylor's famous eye colour.

I like your humor: Maggie treating Sam as a "motoryzed toy" , You feeling "..like I was interviewing for a corporation"..

Sam - a lovely present for your MIL, and a lovely topic for your post!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks, I am sure Sam Cat thinks the same about himself. I love shows like you spoke about. Peace

Mimi has had ten years of joy from that fur ball. Your son is very wise about the dogs. I have always been very fond of purple and reds all my life. Peace

Thanks he is a pretty cat. Glad you enjoy my merger humor and attempt to clarify the story as much as possible. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Wonderful story, it had me chuckling as I visulized your visit to pick up the kitten.
Meow!!! There is nothing like a Siamese voice. MB