Thursday, April 28, 2011

All these photos were taken on Easter Sunday during the middle of the day. I had to take them from inside the house through windows and screen doors so I think they turned out fairly good. Every time I would venture outdoors they would fly away so not to be out done, I just sat at the kitchen table very still and took advantage of the situation even through screens and windows, I think I got the essence of their beauty.

The Rose Breasted Grosbeak's have been here since April 9Th when we saw the first one on the feeder. Each year they grace us with their presents for a few weeks on their way to where they summer and sometimes we see them in the fall but not as often or as long as we do in the spring. Every day we sigh a sigh of pleasure when one or two stop to eat at our feeders. Then some morning soon they will no longer be with us and we will have only memories of the pretty birds dressed in their finery.
I hung up some No Melt peanut butter suet, that I found at TSC (Tractor Supply Company) and the males seem to enjoy the treat but I have seen very few females this year.
At 6 AM yesterday, a big flash of lighting and then a roar of thunder took out the cable and Mimi's telephone. It hit very close by but I have not discovered where as of yet. Anyway, the cable company came late yesterday afternoon and fixed the problem. Both splitter had to be replaced. Whew, glad nothing else was damaged.
Being without cable meant we did not have television either, so we did not know about the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa until Prince's brother called to let us know his daughter who goes to college there was okay. Mimi is a worrier "Big Time."
so the kitty justice is that she did not know until after the fact and was given good news.
It seems there are more tornadoes and devastation this Spring than usual.


Changes in the wind said...

You must have the cleanest windows in the world because those pictures were great! How pretty they are and you got such great shots. There is such destruction and heartache all over the country from these horrible storms, glad to know you all are okay.

Small City Scenes said...

What a lovely bird. We have several Grosbeaks out this way but I don't believe we have this one. Super shots even through the screen.

So glad nothing else was damaged with the lightening and glad Mimi had nothing MORE to worry about. MB

Betsy from Tennessee said...

The Grosbeaks are here also, Di... I love them -especially those colorful males. I look forward to their visits each spring and fall --as they travel.

Great pictures.

Lady Di Tn said...

How kind. At this very time, I am thinking I need to start on the windows. It now takes me over a week to clean them but I use to clean them all in a day. Thanks I pretended to be Abe and took lots and lots of photos. The destruction in the south is in epic portions. Let's pray all will receive the help and guidance needed to rebuilt their lives. Peace

I look forward each year to their arrival and feel sad a few days after they disappear from our area. It is so much fun to watch them. You are kind in your compliments. I was really worried that the screen would leave little checker marks but alas, the squares were less apparent than I thought at the time. We on the hill were lucky compared to so many others. Peace

I am so happy that you too have these beautiful birds. I always feel the males are dressed to go to a state affair. They look so royal in attire. Peace