Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is a cannon of where the battle of Chattanooga took places. I hope all of y'all had a safe and happy Memorial Day and remember to spend a moment of silence giving thanks to ALL OUR SOLDIERS past and present.
Prince playing with the telephone when he was small. Was it a prediction? He now works in the telecommunication area of St. Thomas Hospital and there are about four thousand phones to keep on line.
This is his second love. MACHINERY. If it has a motor, well you guessed it he has a passion for MOTORS.
He played when he was a little boy but loves to watch and get involved in football but would turn it to another channel if a car race was on.
Mimi said Lewis was painting an old swing on the hill early Saturday morning, when she went out and told him it was time to go to the hospital. My Prince was born on this day at Vanderbilt hospital.
The Kitty Justice is Prince deserves a Wonderful and Happy Burpday today.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pammie and Mz Bubbles in front of the fountain and the open air shelter that over looks the Japanese Garden. After we had viewed the gardens for several minutes, we hear splashing in the fountain and a father was letting his 2 year old son cool off in the water.
Those who have followed my blog will recognize the gardens but without the glass from the Chilhuly exhibit last year. This view is the left side of the garden from the open air shelter. The photo below is the right side of the garden from the shelter. As we were standing looking out over the serene setting, a little lady asked us the name of the trees with leaves shaped like a fan. I was happy to inform her they were Ginkgo trees.

This photo is looking back down the hill over the Japanese Garden. I hope you have enjoyed Cheekwood as I plan to return and gather more photos .
The kitty justice is I would rather have spend my morning at Cheekwood instead of getting a floor estimate. Awaiting to hear the amount which I am sure will send me into sticker shock.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

These two photos are of metal sculptures on the walk up to the Museum at Cheekwood.
I know yawl are getting tired of photos from Cheekwood BUT if you ever get to visit you will share my fascination with the place.
As for me, I have been replanting pots of flowers and putting out geraniums and wave petunias on the upper porch. I have also been in search for something to cover thekitchen floor. I figured it will take approximately 231 square feet and the area is not a a nice rectangle to figure. There are five separate areas to figure and one is on an angle. There was plenty of room to make it a nice rectangle when the house was built, so I see no reason to have built it the way they did. I checked the internet and there are about 20 flooring stores within 25 miles of the hill. So far I have only checked out two so you see I have a few more to go.
Comparative shopping for items for the home is not my favorite thing so it is a REAL CHORE for this kitty to spend time looking and bringing home samples. Then to have other family members to comment on the samples (too dark, too light, pattern not right, etc. etc.) and ask if you have checked so and so. Therefore, this does not make for an enjoyable experience. I really have a Male's mentality for such shopping unless, I am shopping with my girl friends. I wish to go to the store, pick it out and then have it done. I know this is not feasible but I really hate the process of going here and there and every where because IT TAKES TOO MUCH DAMN TIME. Also, I live with a family of three who do not like change.
The kitty justice is "what is a girl too do?"
I need a sign to put on Mz Merlot #5 stating "I would rather be doing anything else than SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! MULTIPLE IT BY 100 IF IT IS GROCERY SHOPPING.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The glass bridge in on the Sculpture Trail at Cheekwood. Pammie is peaking at me around the edge as Mz. Bubbles is engrossed in thought.
These gentlemen were measuring the bridge as they had been commissioned to clean it and they needed to build a scalp.
This photo is how it looks on the inside. The following photo shows how you can see space in between the glass columns.

This is looking straight up at the ceiling of the bridge.
This photo and the next are looking back over the bridge to where we had come along on the trail.
The trail to the bridge was rather narrow and steep. I suggest you wear tennis shoes as I had on flip flop.
This the plaque that tells who the Artist was and who gave it to the Garden.
The Kitty Justice is that Cinderella had glass slippers but Cheekwood has a Glass Bridge.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The exhibit will be at Cheekwood through December 31st. This one of a kind design was created by Paul Busse of Applied Imagination in Alexandria, Kentucky.
At age five when he was given an American Flyer train, his fascination with trains began. In 1972 he graduated as a landscape architect. In 1982 he displayed his first garden train at the Ohio State Fair. He has other trains publicly displayed at New York Botanical Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden and the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The Cheekwood exhibit has seven garden trains and the landscape has over 2,500 tiny trees, shrubs, groundcover and flowering plants in 250 varieties. There are 19 replicas of famous buildings in Tennessee displayed.
In Nashville the Union Station for seven decades served the area passengers as a massive stone gateway to the metropolitan corridor represented by the nations rail system. In 1975, the station was closed but was restored and opened as a hotel and restaurant in 1986. It is a historical landmark in Davidson County.
Also, in Davidson County is the Belle Meade Plantation. For five generations it was the home of the Harding-Jackson family. The Greek Revival House with it's 5,400 acres was the largest estates in the 19Th century. It was famous for breeding and training championship race horses.
The Carter House is located in Franklin, Tennessee and was in the middle of the bloodiest battles (The Battle of Franklin) of the American Civil War. It was built in 1830 by Fountain Branch Carter. The family took refuge in the cellar as their home became a Federal Command Post in the battle. Franklin, Tennessee is in Williamson County.
Another famous Davidson County building is the Ryman Auditorium built in 1892 by Captain Thomas C. Ryman as a Church. In 1943 it became the home to the Grand Ole Opry show and is fondly called the Mother Church of Country Music. (Blogger has messed with the type!!!!!!)
The Kitty Justice is I only captured 4 of the 19 replicas displayed. I will just have to go back.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outside of the Museum of Art and the following picture is the inside.

The pictures and timeline were taken from brochures that I picked up while visiting Cheekwood last week. Please click on the pictures to enlarge and read the timeline. More information can be found at www.cheekwood.org
The kitty justice is that it was easier to scan the brochures than type.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yesterday in late evening, Prince picked the above two bowls of cherries.
The rain has helped to make them big and juicy. You can see how big they are in comparison to the table spoon below.

These are the trees, it has been too wet for Prince to get the tractor on the hillside so no comments about the weeds and grass, Please and Thank You.
More to be picked. Mimi and I have already made two dozen jars of cherry preserves and I am thinking about making Cherry Cobblers and giving them away.
Puppy will crank the cherry piter and we will freeze those Prince picked last evening.
The kitty justice is the weather has been good for the cherry trees.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I asked Pammie and Mz Bubbles to stand by the huge tree in front of the Cheekwood Museum, to show the perspective. If you enlarge the photo, you can see distance skyline.
The garden trains will be on display until the end of the year. It was rather neat to see but I liked the replicas of famous buildings of Tennessee best. OOPsy I did not notice the Mommy. Maybe that is her better side. LOL
More on the trains later.
I wanted to talk about the weather. Now a week ago when these photos were taken, it got up to 93 degrees. Then Sunday it was so cold and rainy, we had a fire downstairs. We even had to turn the heat back on. This morning the sun came out for a short time, and I almost did not recognize the bright orb in the sky. But by lunch the clouds had moved back in. While the sun was out I managed to put my sage plants in the ground and replace the soil in the three big pots on the upper porch and plant some geraniums. How I love geraniums. The blooms are eye candy and the fragrance stimulates the senses. I also love the smell of marigolds and wet tomato plants. Ah, what plants stimulate your senses? When I smell marigolds, I am sent back in time and I can almost feel Grandpa tapping me on my shoulders while calling me "Babe." As for wet tomato plants my whole body tingles with the smell of promise of the luscious red fruit to come. It is so much fun to watch the tomato blooms turn to little green balls and grow and turn into the best fruit ever put on this earth. How I long for the first home grown tomato to eat.
The kitty justice is I am tired of this cold gloomy weather but do not wish for it to jump straight into 93 degree weather immediately.

Monday, May 16, 2011

This is the cookie bouquet that The Pope sent her Mother for Mothers Day.
The Pope and her Mother the Friday before Mothers Day.
The Pope and Kitty . She is my oldest and dearest friend. Ah, the things we have shared and done together. She was an Elvis fan and I was more of a hard rocker fan in the seventies but we did go to three Elvis concerts together and I was seduced by his showmanship into being an Elvis fan too.
The kitty justice is that she has always been there for me and I for her no matter how far away from each other we happen to be.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Outside on the walls of Allen Arena are a herd of bison's stampeding.
Prince and I got a good seat on the left side of the stage. Then an hour after we got there, a young couple with a FIVE MONTH OLD BABY sat down behind us. Didn't do us any good to get there early. Of course, we could have moved but any further away, the students would have looked like ants on the stage.
As the students were filing into their seats, the bagpipes and drums were played. OOPs. with no lights except the stage, photos would not turn out clear.
Prince spotted Puppy all the way across the arena in a doorway. I took off with my camera to get a photo. This was before, the students lined up to file into the arena. This is one of Puppy's Professors with him.
This is after the two hour graduation ceremony and these are his first cousins, Albert and Mary Kim posing with him.
Puppy with his Uncle Edward. He is Puppy's Godfather and he has been a wonderful Uncle and Godfather to our son.
The very proud parents with Puppy. We had dinner at Nero Bar and Grill and Cousin Bill was very kind to go by and pick up Mimi for us.
It was a VERY LONG DAY but one we all enjoyed celebrating.
The kitty justice is when I hit the hay that night, I felt like those stampeding bison had come alive and ran over this kat.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A few more photos of the birds I captured on camera on Easter Sunday. Yes these were also taken from the kitchen through the screen door. The Red Bellied Woodpecker seems to love these big blocks of seed. Yesterday there were two fighting over the block while it RAINED and RAINED. I hope we do not get our share of rain for the summer in the spring. It has been a rather busy month so far with the biggest event coming Saturday. Puppy will graduate from college. It seems like only yesterday he started preschool. Mother always said "Time gets faster the older you become." Yep she was right again.
This will be my only post this week and I will see yawl next week after the Graduation.
The Kitty Justice is obvious.