Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I asked Pammie and Mz Bubbles to stand by the huge tree in front of the Cheekwood Museum, to show the perspective. If you enlarge the photo, you can see distance skyline.
The garden trains will be on display until the end of the year. It was rather neat to see but I liked the replicas of famous buildings of Tennessee best. OOPsy I did not notice the Mommy. Maybe that is her better side. LOL
More on the trains later.
I wanted to talk about the weather. Now a week ago when these photos were taken, it got up to 93 degrees. Then Sunday it was so cold and rainy, we had a fire downstairs. We even had to turn the heat back on. This morning the sun came out for a short time, and I almost did not recognize the bright orb in the sky. But by lunch the clouds had moved back in. While the sun was out I managed to put my sage plants in the ground and replace the soil in the three big pots on the upper porch and plant some geraniums. How I love geraniums. The blooms are eye candy and the fragrance stimulates the senses. I also love the smell of marigolds and wet tomato plants. Ah, what plants stimulate your senses? When I smell marigolds, I am sent back in time and I can almost feel Grandpa tapping me on my shoulders while calling me "Babe." As for wet tomato plants my whole body tingles with the smell of promise of the luscious red fruit to come. It is so much fun to watch the tomato blooms turn to little green balls and grow and turn into the best fruit ever put on this earth. How I long for the first home grown tomato to eat.
The kitty justice is I am tired of this cold gloomy weather but do not wish for it to jump straight into 93 degree weather immediately.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice setup there. I have not seen anything like it before.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like Cheekwood is a place I'd love to visit sometime. Where is it exactly????? Thanks for sharing, Di....

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~ I love the gardens at the museum, and all your beautiful birds at your feeders. Congrats to
your son on his Graduation - great
photos. Thank you so much dear friend for the lovely cards you sent me and for your kind and caring comments while I was away. I am glad Peter was able to keep you all informed, then he got aa Bells Palsy- paralysed face.
Thank you for wishing me enough - I really appreciated all your comments and your thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the comment on Home at Last too. I so appreciated them all. Take great care my friend, Much love, Merle. xoxo

Maria said...

Dear Dianne, thank you for your visit on my blog! Congrats on your son's graduation also from me!!!
Ismiled when I to read that you love the smell of marigolds and tomatoe plants... Same with me! I also associate them with childhood memories. We grew up in the countryside and we had a large garden. My mother grew vegetables and flowers. Today I live in the city and I can only buy my tomatoes in the supermarket. But I always take a sniff of the tomatoes and only if they smell in a tasty manner, I buy them.
Best wishes, Maria

Lady Di Tn said...

I wish you could see it in person as it is a treat especially the buildings. Peace

Cheekwood was built from some of the Maxwell House Coffee money. Please go to www.cheekwood.org and you will learn all about our lovely place to visit right here in Nashville. It is on the west side of town, so it is very close to the hill and I can visit quiet often. Let me know when you wish to visit and I will see if I can join yawl. Peace

The gardens are not in full bloom yet but with each month something pretty will appear. I plan to visit often as I have a membership. Puppy's school years seem like they went by in a flash. I am so very happy to see you back in blog land. Peace

Ah, I knew we were kindred spirits. Nothing like a good smelling tomato or wet vine. Thanks on Puppy's behalf.Peace