Friday, May 13, 2011

Outside on the walls of Allen Arena are a herd of bison's stampeding.
Prince and I got a good seat on the left side of the stage. Then an hour after we got there, a young couple with a FIVE MONTH OLD BABY sat down behind us. Didn't do us any good to get there early. Of course, we could have moved but any further away, the students would have looked like ants on the stage.
As the students were filing into their seats, the bagpipes and drums were played. OOPs. with no lights except the stage, photos would not turn out clear.
Prince spotted Puppy all the way across the arena in a doorway. I took off with my camera to get a photo. This was before, the students lined up to file into the arena. This is one of Puppy's Professors with him.
This is after the two hour graduation ceremony and these are his first cousins, Albert and Mary Kim posing with him.
Puppy with his Uncle Edward. He is Puppy's Godfather and he has been a wonderful Uncle and Godfather to our son.
The very proud parents with Puppy. We had dinner at Nero Bar and Grill and Cousin Bill was very kind to go by and pick up Mimi for us.
It was a VERY LONG DAY but one we all enjoyed celebrating.
The kitty justice is when I hit the hay that night, I felt like those stampeding bison had come alive and ran over this kat.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats to your son, Di... I know a graduation is a special thing. Sorry about the family with the baby... WHY do they bring tiny children to things like that???? Do they not have respect for others? It drives me crazy when there are bratty, loud kids in a restaurant. Oh Well--tis life. The important thing is that your son is a GRADUATE... Hooray for him..

Changes in the wind said...

It is so true that graduations are exhausting as well as exciting. Great pictures with everyone so happy.

Small City Scenes said...


Nice pictures--Look everyone is smiling!!! LOL

Love your bird pics too and the tiny gown--my oh my.


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I have yet to figure out Why people take small children to such events. Puppy was deprived as he was not taken out until he could behave himself. I always had someone to keep him while I did errands and went to events. Oh well, nuf on that subject. Thanks again. Peace

Thanks and yes it was very exciting for us. Peace

Thanks. It was one of those double grin kind of days. We all had the cat that ate the canary smile. It is hard to believe any human could be so small to fit in those gowns. Peace