Wednesday, May 25, 2011

These two photos are of metal sculptures on the walk up to the Museum at Cheekwood.
I know yawl are getting tired of photos from Cheekwood BUT if you ever get to visit you will share my fascination with the place.
As for me, I have been replanting pots of flowers and putting out geraniums and wave petunias on the upper porch. I have also been in search for something to cover thekitchen floor. I figured it will take approximately 231 square feet and the area is not a a nice rectangle to figure. There are five separate areas to figure and one is on an angle. There was plenty of room to make it a nice rectangle when the house was built, so I see no reason to have built it the way they did. I checked the internet and there are about 20 flooring stores within 25 miles of the hill. So far I have only checked out two so you see I have a few more to go.
Comparative shopping for items for the home is not my favorite thing so it is a REAL CHORE for this kitty to spend time looking and bringing home samples. Then to have other family members to comment on the samples (too dark, too light, pattern not right, etc. etc.) and ask if you have checked so and so. Therefore, this does not make for an enjoyable experience. I really have a Male's mentality for such shopping unless, I am shopping with my girl friends. I wish to go to the store, pick it out and then have it done. I know this is not feasible but I really hate the process of going here and there and every where because IT TAKES TOO MUCH DAMN TIME. Also, I live with a family of three who do not like change.
The kitty justice is "what is a girl too do?"
I need a sign to put on Mz Merlot #5 stating "I would rather be doing anything else than SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! MULTIPLE IT BY 100 IF IT IS GROCERY SHOPPING.


Small City Scenes said...

I love the sculptures too so keep 'em coming.

I am not much of a shopper myself and I would rather just blindly point at something and say--'git-er-done'. Good luck with the floorcovering. MB

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I never get tired of seeing Cheekwood, Di... Love the sculptures...

I hate shopping ---and would prefer just to go in a store and buy it and leave!!!!!! Good Luck!!

Changes in the wind said...

Oh Kitty we are truly alike!

Lady Di Tn said...

I guess we are birds of a feather. heehee Glad you enjoyed the sculptures. If I had been smart I would have checked who did them and made a photo. Peace

I am so glad you are enjoying Cheekwood. I think it is one of Nashville's treasures. Oh how glad I am to hear that I have company when it comes to hating shopping. Peace

Sounds like we came from the same nest. I was telling my sister this morning that I wished I could be like the bewitched character, Samantha and just wiggle my nose. Peace.