Monday, June 27, 2011

 Alyssa and Puppy birthdays are this month. She is now in Europe so happy belated burpday to Alyssa. Puppy burpday is today. This was taken at  the reception his God Fathers wedding and Puppy was a ring bearer.
 Easter 1989 as he stood on the seat of his Massey Ferguson tractor holding the bunny that was left with his basket from the Easter Bunny.
Puppy with Grand Dot. She loved to play with all the little children and he enjoyed being around her as she was so entertaining to small children.
 He still loves to fish but mainly with his God Father on the Caney Fork River.
Graduation Day at Lipscomb University.
The Kitty Justice is for Puppy to continue to have Happy Birthdays.


Changes in the wind said...

Happy birthday to your boy....they sure grow up on us.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. It is amazing how fast they grow. I started on the windows on the front of the house today before it got HOT, 8 big windows and 9 small ones. I cannot believe I use to do all of them around the house in one day. Now it takes weeks. Peace