Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well this is how I felt yesterday after I chose a new header and template. I lost all the past post on the sidebar and when I recovered them, all the followers were missing. I still cannot see on the post comments unless I hover over the bottom of the post and only then can I see that I have comments.
Then last evening when I tried to respond to the 2 bloggers who had left comments, my comments  appeared at the top of the post on the blog and finally I was able to delete them from the blog post and make a comment in the comments page. Yikes.
I also picked the new editor  which has thrown me for a loop this morning when I tried to post.
I found if I label the post before I entered text it would not show up.
The photo above was taken the same morning as the header, 6-23-2011. I watched the sun rise and this photo is after the one taken as the header. After the fog lifted it was another hot and humid day on the hill.
The kitty justice is for all my blogging pals to hang in there with me until I can master this new template and editor.


Changes in the wind said...

Sorry you are having such a time but it does look nice....

Lady Di Tn said...

It is a learning experience. I worked on it a few mins. this morning. Thanks and Peace

Patty said...

That's one reason I don't like to change my blog after I get something I like, I lose too many things. And then I have to work and work to get it the way I want it. So I leave well enough alone. LOL

Lady Di Tn said...

One smart woman you happen to be Mrs. Lincoln. But I wanted to make my header of the sun rise match with the background. This header on a purple background would not have worked for me. Peace