Monday, August 22, 2011

 How to hold a cat in 1974. Prince was showing how long one of the many Sams was at the time.
How to hold a dog also in the seventies. Look how far you can see. The dog was named Max and yes it is a young Prince holding the large dog. 
I found these photos and many others in three shoe boxes. Mimi and I have already put the names of the people on the back and the area the photo was taken on the middle size box. The kitty justice is we have two more boxes to finish. HOWEVER, MIMI SAID THERE ARE LOTS MORE THAN 3 BOXES. Whew, we got our work cut out for us. The kitty justice is she is the one who knows most of the people. Two kitty justices on a Monday. WOW!!!!!!
BTW : I still have not figured what I have done to make the comments hide. Just hover your mouse in between posted by and links and it will appear. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi there, I'll bet you are really enjoying going through all of those old photos... I can almost see that smile on your face. Prince????? Maybe--not so much!!!! ha ha

Great old photos.

AngelMc said...

ohhh i love that big cuddly puppy dog!!!!!!

Merle said...

HI Dianne ~~ What a great find - boxes of photos and Mimi there to help you name the people in them.
That is one very large dog.
I had a good visit with my granddaughter who said she will be back soon. Glad it has been cooler so that Mimi can check out the flowers from the porch. Glad you enjoyed the jokes. Take care. my friend. Thank you for the fwds and
I got a giggle from them. Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Prince has no idea that his youthful photos have been posted. LOL I always have a great time going through old Anything. Peace

I have seen these dogs at dogs shows but never owned one. They are HUGE. Peace

Yes you are correct about having Mimi here to tell me who folks happen to be. I hope to go through the little box today. Glad you liked the forwards. Peace and Love