Sunday, August 28, 2011

Knoxie had Hazel Crye King a birthday luncheon. Hazel is ninety two. Everyone there had taken Art Classes from her and for some it had been thirty years or longer. It is AMAZING how one small little woman could have changed the lives of so many. The Kitty Justice is that I am one of those lucky ones to have taken art from her. 


mississippi artist said...

Wow I should look so good if I make it that long!What a nice tribute.

Changes in the wind said...

She looks fantastic...never would have guessed her age but it is her vibrant smile that captures the picture...

DUTA said...

Lucky art teacher, lucky art students!
Happy Birthday to Hazel King!

Small City Scenes said...

A win win situation for all involved. YAY!!!

Patty said...

What an amazing woman. I hope if I live to be 92, I love that good. Glad she had a fantastic birthday.

Lady Di Tn said...

It would be nice to grow up like Mz Hazel. Thanks and Peace

She is a true treasure of all her students. Thanks. Peace

Thanks. Yes we are very fortunate on each side of the spectrum. Peace

Mary Beth
You said it in a Nutshell. Peace

Me too. We had a wonderful day with her. Peace