Tuesday, August 23, 2011

 Remember the photo of Prince yesterday on the porch. This is how it looks today. Not much of a view until winter when the leaves are gone. The big Tulip Poplar tree got hit by lighting a few years ago and we will eventually cut it down. 
When I stepped out on the porch this morning I was amazed to see so many blooms on the back side of the morning glory plant. 
This is the front side of the plant. If I counted correctly, there were 34 blooms which is the most I have ever had at one time. Each flower will produce a seed for next year.
Close up of one of the blooms. The kitty justice if you wish to have some seeds just send me your snail mail address and when I harvest the seeds this fall, you will get a package. Remember these are the ones I paid so much for at the farm store and opened the package to find 5 seeds. The most expensive seeds I ever bought. 


Changes in the wind said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...would love to have some but they wouldn't like our heat.

Patty said...

This looks like the one we having climbing off our patio. Several years ago, we had one that climbed around and old cherry tree in the back yard. Abe went out to get some close ups of the blooms, and we noticed these honey bees all rolling around on the ground. He came back in and did some searching on the computer and found they produce something that causes the bees to be like drunk, and if a person would eat one of those seeds, they would hallucinate. But then a big storm came up and blew the cherry tree over, didn't take anything along with it, except the morning glory. LOL The tree was old and was partly rotting away. Plus they were the really sour cherries. Did you feel anything from that earth quake in Va? We did, not a lot, but a small tremor. I wouldn't want to be in a big one. That would really be scary.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

The Morning Glory is gorgeous, Di... I love that color...

Hope you had a nice day.

mississippi artist said...

I have never planted morning glories, but these are beautiful!

Small City Scenes said...

I do love Morning Glories. Maybe not the white invasive perennial ones but the blue and red ones are gorgeous. MB

BTW: You asked about the houses on the ridge in the barn shot. I believe most houses out there are on wells and have generators for there electricity some even have windmills . MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and they might live if you put them in morning sun only place. Peace

I enjoyed the comment about the bees. I have not seen any around my plant. No we did not feel the EQ here in Nashville. Our cherries are sour too but make great preserves and cobblers and tarts. One of Mimi's morning past times is to know how many blooms the morning glory has. This morning there were only 11. Peace

I too love the color of that morning glory. Peace

Mother always had a blue morning glory climbing up the house but I prefer this deep purple one that I found. If you want to try it send me your snail mail and I will send you some seeds when I harvest them this fall. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the answer to my questions. Ah, another thing we have in common the love of morning glories. As, I said earlier they remind me of Mother even though hers were the Heavenly Blue. Isn't it funny how certain flowers bring different folks to mind. Peace