Saturday, August 27, 2011

These are a couple of paintings by my good friend Knoxie. I really do not know which one I like best as they both are very lovely. The Kitty Justice is I love the Hats. 


Anonymous said...

The days of hats seems to be over for the ladies except during the Kentucky Derby. Then there are lots of large hats on the heads of people who seem to be in a dream world. Men don't wear bowlers to match. I don't think men get it.

Changes in the wind said...

These are great...think I like the first one best and yes...hats are too cool.

Lady Di Tn said...

I love hats, high heels and gloves. I guess I am out of my time zone. I often wear hats and usually folks comment on them because it is novel. I wish we could get back to hats for both sexes. Peace

I will tell Knoxie because the first one she did not take anytime to do, as she said "She just threw on the paint." I would love a room of hats and a room for shoes along with gloves to match. Now ain't I in a time gone by. Peace