Monday, September 05, 2011

 I had three pots of geraniums on the porch this year and this is the only pot that seem to grow. I used fresh soil, watered and fertilized each the same but the other two pots just did not grow. I have never had trouble before, and the only difference was the other two pots got the hot afternoon sun. I think the heat must have stunted their growth. 
 Our wonderful neighbor, Brenda brought this Gerber daisy  to Mimi and it has produced these lovely yellow flowers all summer. As I have stated before, yellow flowers are happy flowers. 
The petunias are showing off their last Hoorah before I yank them out of the pots . Again the heat has not been kind to them. Speaking of heat, we have experienced wonderful days of rain and the temperatures have only been in the low eighties with morning starting in the low sixties. Maggie and I went out and stood in the wet world when it first started pouring from Heaven. What little rain we have had has already made the green color return to the yard and fields. We had not had any amount of rain since August 5th. The kitty justice is the tears from Heaven have been a BLESSING. BTW: I hope and pray everyone has some labor to celebrate. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Geraniums need alot of hot sun.. Are yours getting enough sun on the porch? You may need to move them out into the yard somewhere.

Have a great Labor Day.

Lady Di Tn said...

The ones which are getting more afternoon sun are the ones not growing. They seem to be the same size they were when I bought them. Peace