Saturday, September 03, 2011

Last week Knoxie gave me some pears that had come from her farm in Kentucky. After I fell Friday 8-26, wrangling Moe cat, I could not fix them because I had hurt the right arm and hand when I fell. My hand is still not quite well, but Friday afternoon, I decided to try and make Pear Preserves like Mother use to do. After she peeled and cored her pears, she would run them through the salad shooter. To core the pears was too painful for my hand so I opted to peel and shred by hand. After Mimi's nap she came to help me. I did three pounds of pairs. After I got them to boiling the first time, I added the sugar and Mimi stirred for me. Then we put them in jars. It made 8 and a half jars. I have already given one jar away to our friend Bobby because he brought us some barbecue this morning. Also, we almost ate the whole half jar this morning on toast. Yummy. 
The kitty justice is I love to can because it  brings back wonderful memories of Mother and Grand Ma. 


LZ Blogger said...

Ahhhh... SWEET! ~ j///b

mississippi artist said...

I have never heard of grating pear preserves. This looks like my pear honey-I grate the pears in that real fine and cook till thick. I also can pear halves in a light syrup-we like pear salad. We don't care for preserves.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

Mother started doing this years ago and I was trying to copy her efforts.My Father loved pear and peach preserves thus why Mother made them. Pear Salad sure sounds good to me. Peace