Friday, September 02, 2011

 Nothing has been done to alter this photo but I played with the following two photos and changed the color and saturation. I think I like natural best. 

 The following two photos have not been changed and if you will note the different position of the sun. It has gone further to the right than displayed in my header photo. 

I got out early to beat the heat to water the plants since we really have not had any rain since fifth of August  . A record of 98 was set in 1925 and it is possible for us to break it today. Yikes! Another record was broken by a Titan football player yesterday and now he is known as the 53 million dollar man. I do not twit but it was on the news of his ranting on twitter about fake titian fans (those who disagree with his contract dispute) and how he could not be compared to you or me as he did not have a regular job. So if you smell something really nasty coming from Nashville you know what it is C J Johnson attitude. Especially in this economy how can he justify that sum . As for me, I do not believe ANYONE deserves that kind of salary and I do mean ANYONE. Granted some peoples ability to do certain things are better than others but who makes this possible? Look up or out and see all the every day people who give their hard earned money to watch you. The kitty justice if there were NO FANS then you would just fumble. 
BTW Got a great E mail the other day stating  our Government officials need to wear uniforms like Nascar drivers so we could tell who are their sponsors. I'd vote for that.


DUTA said...

All the five photos with the sun as protagonist are amazing.

The 53 million salary is outrageous. People just live in a movie, ignoring the hard economic facts of reality .

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I had heard about CJ's big salary --and like you, he doesn't deserve that. He didn't even play that well last year... GADS!

I love professional sports --but the salaries of many just make me sick..

Beautiful photos.. Think I like the first one best also. Yes---the sun does move... When we go to Ocean Isle beach in May, we can't see the sunrise or the sunset. But we can see both in December when we sometimes go back...


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. This is a 4 year contract but he is guaranteed $30 million. Most folks will not even see a million much less what he has asked to be paid. Peace

I do not care if he is the best that every play, he still does not deserve such a salary. Sports figures, actors, CEO and anyone else who is being paid big salaries forget about the little people out there watching them and working for them. If you look at football it is just like slavery, a usual white owner, mostly black players who make their living on a field. However they have figured out how to make the masses pay for the game. Thanks we usually get sun rises only as we have too many trees to get sun sets. Peace