Saturday, September 17, 2011

Once upon a time, the largest buck in Tennessee roamed the untouched forest of Davidson County. Hunters would come from near and far away as Japan to try to harvest him so they could boast of killing the largest white tail deer ever known to man. Alas, whenever shots were fired at him, he would disappear and not be seen until the next hunting season. This was a great mystery to all the hunters and they would sit by their campfires and tell tales of seeing this monster buck and how he mysteriously disappeared when fired upon. As time pasted and more hunters came to Tennessee to try their luck, the buck was seen less and less. Then hunters became disinterested and they too became less and less. The Kitty Justice is I have solved the tale and mystery, the big buck turned himself into a tree and continues to grow in the sanctuary of Cheekwood. 

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Small City Scenes said...

Great story and I am with you. Look at the antlers on that deer tree. LOL MB