Friday, September 30, 2011

Sis, Little Brother and Kitty. 
It is rare that all three of us can figure out a time to meet but we did yesterday. We always meet at Sis's town because she lives about half way between us. Little Brother is a lot like Pa Christian in the fact that he can tell stories so funny, you do not mind if he has told them before. Pa loved to hunt and so does Little Brother. He goes hunting in our home county where Mom and Dad are buried so he is the keeper of the graves for us. He had just put some fall flowers on their graves. Now Sis is like Pa Christian because her hair is still dark like his was with only a little gray near the ears. As you can tell Little Brothers and mine have more gray than our older sibling. Sis was named after our wonderful Mother and she looks like Mother. I however look more like Dad and Little Brother looks a lot like Pa Christian. 
The kitty justice is we really should plan more of the same in the future. 


DUTA said...

Very nice family photo! The post and the phot display mutual love and appreciation among the siblings!

Lady Di Tn said...

You are correct and I am glad to convey those feelings. Peace

Patty said...

I have two brothers, but we have never been close. My only sister died when she was 42 and I was 46. My one brother is 8 years younger than me the other 11 years younger. The one 8 years younger is like
( pardon the expression ) a fart in a skillet. He's always running around doing this or that, has left his wife several times, they even divorced once and re-married, and they were on the verge of another divorce, but are sticking it out, not sure why, neither are happy. The 11 years younger than me, had a completely different life style then ours. Drinking, drugs wrong people he ran around with. Married at 16, their two children turned out great, with the help of my parents. But the Grandson was killed in Oct. of 2008 in a vehicle accident, fault of the semi truck driver that hit him head on, then the next year the Mother (my sister-in-law) passed away from the cancer she had been battling. A lot for my brother to take in, he still has a wonderful daughter, who had a double mastectomy last year. But he doesn't seem to be real close to her and she lives about three hours away. Right now he's sponging off my Mother, and I don't think it's right, he has the money and can get his house done if he would just hire someone to help him. He's always got health problems it seems, and mostly all brought on from his way of living in the past. I'm sorry, I seem to be running on and on, I suppose all families have problems, but he just seems to make his own problems worse and it upsets me that man is involved at her time of life when she should be able to enjoy some peace and quiet. Happy week-end to you and your family. Glad you were able to have a get together with your brother and sister.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I love your family photos and hope you can meet up more often. It is important when we get older. It is great to be close to a loving family. All your photos are really nice.
Thanks for your comments on the Curtain rod joke and glad you enjoyed the post. As always, I wish you enough my friend. Love and Peace,

Lady Di Tn said...

Sometimes we cannot help who our family happens to be. I do have members like your brothers but am fortunate not to see them. The one thing you can be proud of is that your Mother is still here. Mine died in 1998. All of us kids were close to Mother but dear Dad is another story. I will just say he should never have been a father but then again we kids would not be here. There is a Blessing in all things. Have a nice weekend too. Peace

Time goes by too fast and we kids need to just set a time in stone and go for it. I have found if you set a time each month you get to see those you care about more often. I do this with my girlfriends and it works so I need to incorporate it with family. I also wish you enough. love and peace