Sunday, September 18, 2011

 There are two lady lions, one on each side of the entrance to the gardens of Cheekwood.
 Looking up the hill you can see the lady lion in the background. 

Looking down the hill, you can see the large picture frame from the 911 post. 
The kitty justice is to share  a widdle bit more of Cheekwood with you. 


Anonymous said...

These public gardens are wonderful to see. I don't know who maintains them but the gardeners usually do a heroic job in keeping things in order. We visited the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada that were originally created in an abandoned gravel pit. Then we went to the lavish home and grounds of Ashville, North Carolina's Biltmore House. Lovely places.

Lady Di Tn said...

Cheekwood is very close so I get to enjoy it often. Never visited the gardens you listed but I am sure they are as beautiful. Peace

mississippi artist said...

Beautiful gardens. I love taking garden tours and this looks like a good one.