Tuesday, September 06, 2011

These photos were taken on Labor Day 9-5-2011 right before sun down. It had rained all day so after dinner we were watching the football game(btw Maryland had the worse looking uniforms) and I told Prince the sky looked funny. He said that is the sunset and we should have a rainbow somewhere. Mimi looked out the kitchen window and said she saw the rainbow. Up we shot and went to the window and it was gorgeous. All three photos were taken less than ten minutes and no I have not doctor them. They show exactly how it looked. Do you see the second rainbow? So far today the high on the hill has been 55 degrees. Last week at this time it was forty degrees hotter with outrageous humidity. 
The kitty justice is I wonder why we have to have such radical temperature changes. Now don't go all Al Gore on me and say it is global warming. 


Small City Scenes said...

Oh Lady Di, those shots are extra gorgeous. The colors are fantabulous.

I am so sorry you hurt your arm 'wrangling Moe'. Get better very soon.

BTW: The Pears look yummy. Working together is helpful. MB

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gads---you'll get no Al Gore crap from me!!!!! ha ha... Can't believe that man is from OUR state! ha

LOVE that rainbow--or should I say, those rainbows... Gorgeous..

I also love this cooler weather.. Wow--what a change...


DUTA said...

Amazing photos!

I have my own, humble explanation as to climate changes - the nuclear disasters. It started in 1986 with Chernobil , and now with the Fukushima disaster in Japan it will become even worse. The radiation particles in the upper atmosphere are destroying the earth by first destroying the climate.

Both the scientists and the politicians keep quiet about this for obvious reasons.May God help us!

Patty said...

Beautiful rainbow, or should I say two rainbows. It's been cooler here also. And yes last week it was so darn hot, it makes this cooler weather seem twice as cool as what it really is. Makes sleeping nice, plus we had some rain sometime during the night or early morning.

Lady Di Tn said...

It was one of those photo opts you could not ignore. Thanks for your concern. As my friend told me, we are at an age now that we do not need to fall. Mimi and I have always made preserves and fruit cakes together, however, her balance keeps her from doing as much as she once did. However, I am the one who has fallen recently. Peace

I grew up in Al Gore country, Smith County and he was a nice polite young man and then he went to Washington. My sister was his baby sitter and I have some of his Grandmother's jewelry that she gave my Mother because Mother told her it was pretty. Glad you enjoyed the rainbow and the cooler weather. We set a record low yesterday. Odd within a week we set a record high and low. Peace

Thanks and I think your explanation is more creditable than Al's. It is so sad to see those disasters as they are caused by MAN and not God. Peace

Sounds like we are both happy with the cooler weather and some RAIN. Puppy and I are hot nature so we are loving it but Mimi and Prince are not so they are COLD. Plus the rain washed the heavy pollen from the air. Peace
BTW I have discovered that the comments will vanish from the blog post when I comment. Then you have to hover to find them. Still trying to figure out what I did.