Saturday, October 01, 2011

 The lake was so low where they are still working on the dam (built in 1948) that a lots of rocks are shown on the shoreline. Prince spied the round rock sitting atop to the left of the photo. Looks like a rock mushroom. Deep hole are very visible along the shore. Maybe I am like the rock with a hole in it as I was tired of everyone being on Facebook so with much reservation, I went on facebook yesterday but have not posted anything yet. Still thinking.LOL
At the moment this photo is the only thing on Facebook. Rather scary don't you think.LOL


Small City Scenes said...

That round smooth rock does look a bit out of place where it is. Hmmmmm, I wonder about it.

I am so glad you and you bro and sis get to get together. Love the stories you tell.

I have always been fascinated by boat names. There is a story there too. I saw one boat named 'Wet Dreams'--Oh my.

So ol' Al Gore has a non-poluting boat does he.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I do wonder about boat names as it is sometimes and insight to the owners lives. The verdict is still out on Al's boat. Peace