Monday, November 07, 2011

I got this in an e mail and had to share with y'all. I went to get the tags for our cars and on my return trip home I was caught in Joe Biden Traffic Hell. I and many others spent time in this traffic nightmare. It took me an hour to get home and on a bad day usually it takes 15 minutes. He came on an unannounced visit for a fundraiser at a home in Belle Meade. Now this was between the hours of 2-4 and traffic at that time is not light. 
The kitty justice is I was not surrounded but there was one Unannounced one in town. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

And to think that you weren't invited to the party!!!!! Dang.... (Guess I'd pay NOT to hear that guy say anything!!!! ha ha)...

Cute poster.

Small City Scenes said...

Too tooo funny--LOL!!!
Not funny for you to sit is stupid traffic but the saying..haha!

Love the many berries you have this year on the Holly trees. Christmas is coming! MB

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ How frustrating to be
held up for so long getting home.
I loved the holly berries too. I have never seen them growing before.

Glad you enjoyed the "Two Horses" and the jokes, esp the ex spouses.
I am hoping my back will be better very soon. I went shopping today so am tired. Off to bed soon. Thanks for the messages you send to me.
Take great care, my friend.
Love, Merle.

Changes in the wind said...

It indeed causes havoc when anyone famous shows up....

Lady Di Tn said...

We are having the CMA here this week and everyone was told which roads would be closed on what days but a Un announced VP had traffic at a stand still. I would have found another route or not gone out at all if I had just known. It was very inconsiderate and I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Peace

People who live in Nashville are quite use to roads being closed due to us being the Country Music Capitol and having a former VP who has a residence in Belle Meade but usually we are given notice so we can plan another route. So far the berries have been spared by the birds and I hope they leave me some for Xmas decorating. Peace

Glad to hear the back is better. I was happy to show you holly berries growing out back. Just another day in this administration they do whatever they wish and the people be damn. Peace

We are use to very famous country music stars and we even had a recent VP however, JB planned this trip just did not tell us common folks so we got the shaft in traffic gridlock. I could not figure out what was happen while sitting in traffic and I just got mad when I got home and found out that the whole experience of sitting in traffic could have been avoided if we did not have such inconsiderate people in Washington. Yep, when I think about it, I still get upset. Peace

Maria said...

Oh my dear, thank you for posting this funny but absolutely true statement! It's absolutely great!!!
Hugs, Maria