Thursday, December 01, 2011

 My SIL, Bep and Cousin Bill visiting on Thanksgiving day before the meal was served. Cousin Bill usually says "the dirty dishes are MINE". That is the best thing he can do for the cook and he always cleans up the dishes at any dinner he attends. Also, if I need ANY HELP I can always count on him. Bep is a retired school teacher and has visited several weeks at a time since she retired. I more or less just hand everything over to her to do when she walks into the house. That gives me some well deserved time for WHATEVER I choose to do even if it is nothing at all. 
Bep's youngest Louie always tells us to give him a job and this time, it was to fix the curtains. While we were all visiting he was up on a ladder trying his darnest to complete the task. Alas, we need a new curtain rod. The kitty justice is it was a beautiful sunny day for Thanksgiving.


Small City Scenes said...

Always wonderful to have friends and relatives that don't mind pitching in.

I am back and I want to thank you for the cards and stuff that came my way via the internet. You are a real treasure. Thanks. MB

DUTA said...

Apparently you've got nice, helpful relatives.

Cleaning the dishes, by the way, is to some people a way to relax and meditate. No kidding.

The picture of your SIL, cousin and the room is very beautiful!

Lady Di Tn said...

Your welcome. These two relatives are real jewels. Nephew lives out of state so he helps when he can. Back at you. Peace

I truly never thought of cleaning dishes as a way to relax and meditate. Thanks and I am lucky to have helpful relatives. Peace

Lee said...

I hate getting up on chairs, ladders etc., I always have the fear of falling...created, of course, by falling off a feeble construction once and slicing my underarm! I've never felt confident about such antics since! ;)