Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another painting by Lenard. Do you recognize the place? Lenard painted in oils and when I would enter art class I would get a whiff of oil paints and turpentine. That smell would draw me quickly into the past and I would envision myself back at UT taking classes from Gus Baker. Ah, to walk down memory lane by just entering the room. After we would spend the morning painting, we girls would gather around Lenard for lunch break.  If it was nice weather we would head out to the courtyard where there were picnic tables with umbrellas for shade. Unfortunately, only Lenard, our mutual friend and I are left out of that group. He would often share some of Shirley's baked goodies with us.Yummy, we felt as if we were special when he shared those heavenly treats.  His quick humor and his telling of  jokes would entertain us ladies. His raspy voice was unique and it was great to listen to the wisdom of Lenard  
The kitty justice is those were the FUN DAYS at art class.

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