Sunday, January 08, 2012

 It was a rather sobering sight to see the McGavock Confederate Cemetery  on December 17, 2011 without any acknowledgement of the season seen anywhere among the grave. The above photo was taken from the back of the cemetery and the one below was taken as we went through the gates at the entrance. 

It was uncanny quite  on a cool day as if the dead were crying out wanting to be remember at Christmas. This is a monument for 225 unidentified soldiers who exist in eternity  without anyone knowing their names. They were some one's son, brother, husband, father, uncle or cousins. 
 This is the top of the monument and as I snapped the photo I wondered if  Great Uncle William or Great Uncle Pleasant are lying under this stone. My Great Grandfather Samuel's brothers went off to fight for the south and according to my cousins writings in 1994 were believe to be killed at the Battle of Franklin or Battle of Murfreesboro. But where do they rest.
There were 1.496 young men from the south killed at the Battle of Franklin. The kitty justice is these boys were fighting for their homeland and state rights not what is taught in most places. 


mississippi artist said...

This is exactly why I love to visit old cemetaries and take photos-I feel like the dead are lonely and enjoy visitors, espescially in old forgotten cemetaries...of course there was that one time... Anyway it is so sad to think of SO MANY young boys who died and there parents never had a grave to visit.

Lady Di Tn said...

I guess we are kinder spirits in that regards. Missing people get on the news etc now whereas back then people were left to always wonder. Peace