Thursday, January 26, 2012

 Sunday January 22nd, I was greeted by Moe and he had had an encounter with a skunk. Even his cubie and cushion in the chair had the unpleasant odor. I had a bottle of Natures Miracle and I proceeded to spray him and his cubie and cushions. Prince put a fan blowing on the cubie so it would dry.
Wednesday 25th,  I let Maggie dog out for her first morning outing and she did her business and then took off running behind the log cabin. I heard her chasing something and when she returned with her head and tail tucked she had lost an encounter with a skunk. Again I got out the Nature's Miracle and rubbed her down. Then I made her spend the day in the kitchen . I do believe the odor is trapped in my sinuses. Everyone else on the hill say they do not smell it however, there is a faint odor of Peppe LaPew. 
Sam Cat does not go out side so he is safe from the skunk. 
The kitty justice is to plan the demise of the outside Varmint. 


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Ewww, twice in the same week. I'm sure I would still be smelling it as well. Yes, the skunk has to go.

Believe it or not, we have to watch our dogs in the city. We have lots of skunks here. The neighbor had a yard full of garbage and every night five...yes five...skunks would come to visit.

Enjoyed visiting with you. Keep away from those skunks. LOL


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yuk... We keep our windows opened during the summer --and sometimes the smell of a skunk comes into our home from outside... That smell can truly wake me up from a sound sleep.. It's horrible...

AND--one time we brought in a piece of wood from the woodpile to burn in the fireplace. It apparently had been 'sprayed' by a skunk ---and that burning wood really STUNK....

I've never heard of Nature's Miracle --and always was told to use tomato juice if that smell gets on a pet...

Good Luck.

Lady Di Tn said...

That is horrible to have 5 skunks next door. You need to get some Nature's Miracle on hand just in case. Peace

I think Horrible smell is an under statement after dealing with it twice in 4 days. Never had the experience of skunky wood and hope I never have too. Nature's Miracle will make the smell go away in one day whereas tomato juice takes a few days. I found out about NM when our other lab would get out and get skunked. Peace