Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Tennessee barn between Murfreesboro and Franklin.
The Kitty Justice is I took this shot looking back from a moving Z71. 


DUTA said...

This barn has very neat lines. It looks like it's a drawing in a book.
Sometimes the best captures are taken while on the move.

Lady Di Tn said...

I love to use barns as the subject to paint and in my mind when I saw this one, I thought what a great barn to use. I always feel lucky to get a good photo when Prince is driving and I usually carry my camera even if I do not use it. Peace

Patty said...

Happy New Year, yes I am still among the living, just don't get around much anymore. LOL I think that's a song isn't it? Don't get around much anymore?

Well I did have three viewings to go to in a 10 day period of time, a 24 yr. old killed in a car accident, and so many friends of his and his family showed up, that I had to stand in line for an hour and a half, it was a closed casket with his photo sitting on top.

A 56 year old, apparently passed a blood clot from his leg surgeries and a 77 year old that got through her cancer and was doing great, but had an aneurysm which they operated on, but her kidneys shut down and everything else just stopped working. I imagine she was just plain tired.

So I'm hoping these next ten days will be a little different. Right at the moment we're having almost Spring time weather. Sun is out and sky is blue, but temp hasn't gone up too much yet, still about 36. Yesterday it got up around 50 I believe.

Thank goodness only have one doctor appointment this coming week for a Protime test for me, but then the next week will be seeing my oncologist and hopefully being able to now stop the Femera I've been taking for five years, and then I also go get my hearing checked to see if my hearing aids need to be adjusted again. Thank goodness that's all until Feb.

Hope in this New Year we all have a healthy one, including you and your family.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sorry to hear about your three friends. I do not think DEATH becomes any one. I hope all your test come out fine. Take care of yourself and our boy Abe. Peace

Chatty Crone said...

Happy New Year - I am visiting from Monica's blog - I think I remember you from a long time ago. sandie