Tuesday, January 31, 2012

These are the last of Lenard's paintings. He and Shirley both made the comment that the children had the best ones. If there are some better than these, then his children are very lucky. My dear friend cannot see well and his hearing is fading too. He does not paint any more and those paintings he has done are very precious. He was cute when he told me "My job is to help Shirley remember." I was sad when he told me all he could see was a fuzzy place where my features were. I  stated quickly so he would not hear sadness in my voice, "That he could make me as pretty as he wished with his imagination." 
The kitty justice is I do not plan to wait as long to visit them again.


Small City Scenes said...

Leonard's painting are really beautiful. You are lucky to have some at all. I hope L. stays well and sees everything in beauty---including all our faces. LOL MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Mary Beth
These paintings are in Lenard's apartment at the Assisted Living Place where he and Shirley live now. I would feel very lucky if I had one. Thanks and Peace