Thursday, February 02, 2012

 The Comers bought the house that Mimi was born in and because their son was allergy to old bricks they torn down the original house but put the new one on the old foundation. This house is in the middle of Gallatin now and is being used for Tourism. They copied the old house but made some additions. The farm was bought by Mimi's Grandfather and all three of his sons were born there. The pillars out front were where Mimi and her sister Lucy use to sit and watch Gallatin Road. Lucy's pillar was on the left and Mimi's was on the right. At that time Gallatin Road was a dirt road and now it is a four lane highway. 
 These are a couple of barns on the property. There use to be a sign stating it to be "Wilson Farm". Wonder were it is today.?

These photos were taken on Puppy's Spring break in 1999. Mimi is the only one left in her generation. The farm was cut into by the railroad and they had to move the cattle across the tracks into other pastures. When Mimi was small she would take 2 straight pins and cross them like an X and lay them on the tracks to make tiny scissors to play with. Rather ingenious. 
We circled by the farm the other day when we went to visit Mary DeMoss. We ate at the Chocolate Strawberry Tea Room which is on the other side of Gallatin Road just a few feet and you can see Wilson Farm from the parking area of the  Tea Room . 
The kitty justice is that Mimi said Gallatin Road was much further from the house and everything was bigger. LOL well she was a tiny little girl then. 
BTW She had a pony and buggy that she use to ride on the road. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, I lived in Hendersonville for 3 yrs --and George's Dad still owns a home there (even though he now lives with George's sister in Tullahoma)...

I cannot believe how much Hendersonville and Gallatin have grown.. Unbelievable...

Great pictures.

Lady Di Tn said...

They have grown together literally. Peace