Wednesday, February 15, 2012

During our walk from the house to the white barn, I snapped this photo of our previous land (now owned by Mr. Johnson) and he has made lots of improvements but I would never have built the barn at the cut through. I feel it has a tendency to mar the landscape. We use to have a dove field to hunt on the right side of those trees in the middle of the field. I also use to hunt on the hill to the right up close so I could see anything coming down the hill. Got a big doe the last time I hunted with my brother. 
The pond which is to the right of the previous photo is still belongs to us. To the right of the pond up in the holler, Puppy has a shooting range that he and friends enjoy. 
The Kitty Justice is I need to enjoy the range with Prince when the weather is warmer again. Saturday night we got down into the teens with a wind chill factor of 6 degrees. Burr


Small City Scenes said...

Wow I missed a lot of your posts---why I wonder?

Love the Daffs. Also, your property.

Jackie said...

Love these views. I don't know where these photos were taken, but they bring such sweet memories to me...sigh.
We have a home away from home in Western NC, and I love the feelings when I see peaceful scenes such as these. Lovely!
I live in South Jawja! :))
Hugs and smiles,

Lady Di Tn said...

Having a good time, I would guess and that is best. We only go round once girlfriend, so come over and visit when you can. Peace

Welcome to Kitty Justice. These photos were taken on the land we now have and that which once was ours. We are located as far west of Nashville that you still can be and still live in Davidson County. I am glad I have provided you with a trip down memory lane. Peace

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Just stopping by to say HI.... Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. We had a great trip--but it's nice to get home. I'm trying to catch up on some blog posts...

Gorgeous post.... Beautiful area!!!!