Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It rained Saturday night and then Sunday morning it turned into snow. The flakes were so large, I told Mimi that the Angels had cut up their lace collars and flinging them to earth. If the flakes had been much larger, we could have jumped on them for a ride down the hill. As you can see the visibility due to the heavy snowfall was not good. No hills in sight. I took lots of photos but have not reduced the size so I can post them. If the ground had been cold we would have gotten several inches however, the two hour snowfall was just pretty for a little while.  I did not venture out very long because I had been sick from Thursday 9th to Thursday the 16th. A nasty virus jumped me while I was not looking. Anyway it was really cold and the wind was blowing so I knew I should not be out very long but I could not resist wrapping up and taking a few photos because this is the first snow we have had and probably the last since it has been so warm here lately. 
Monday the sun came out in a bright blue cloudless sky and it was so warm that Maggie and I went walking to the white barn and back. 
The kitty justice is how different a day can make.  


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi there, That was a pretty snow, wasn't it? It's the prettiest one we have had this winter --even though it was small (only about 2 inches here)...

Sorry you have been sick. That's no fun!!!! Hope you are better now.

Thanks for taking the word verification out...


Small City Scenes said...

We haven't had snow here for a long time--well January---it just never lasts for long. Now the mountains have snow all winter long---as you can tell by my blog. haha!!

Jackie said...

Beautiful photo of the snow.
I'm envious.
I'm glad that you are feeling better. Continue to take care of you!

Changes in the wind said...

Makes you want to stay inside close to the fire:) Hope you feel better soon.

DUTA said...

Even in our usually warm country, it has been a cold winter this year. Not fun going out in rainy, windy, cold weather.

We had snow only in two places - on mountains near Jerusalem, and in the North.
I enjoy seeing snow in pictures displayed by bloggers.

Hope you feel better.

Lady Di Tn said...

It was beautiful and I have lots more photos to show. No fun being sick but am doing 100 per cent better. Your welcome. Peace

I think this will be our only snow this winter. Peace

Thanks . Not been fun being sick. Bad ole February. Peace

We have had several fires lately and I am getting better daily. Now if I could just get this bucket off my nose. lol Peace

As long as I am healthy I do not mind the weather conditions. Just glad to be alive to experience the elements. TN. weather changes quickly so if you are not happy with it just stick around and it will change. Thanks for the well wishes and I am getting better daily. Peace

mississippi artist said...

Very pretty. It was 82 here yesterday-I almost killed myself in the yard,so much cleanup to do.