Sunday, February 12, 2012

 Maggie got a new collar and harness. Prince said she was supporting SEC basketball's number one team Kentucky Wildcats. I had not thought of that, I just wanted her to have a new color. Also, I wanted the harness and collar to match. 
This is Maggie's first harness, as I got the idea when she would pull on me as I walked her on her leash. She had a tendency to choke herself and start coughing. Of course, Prince said he never had that trouble with her. She does not seem to care too much for the harness, but she will walk with me better when I use it. Normally I just take her outside and whistle or give her hand signals. 
However, when we get close to the road or walking out on the farm, I wish to have better control of her. I think her nose was running in the last photo. 
Wednesday of last week, Kitty started catching some nasty virus. First my head stopped up and I could not breath through my nose, then my throat was sore, next chills and the worse, I was sick at my stomach yesterday and had the dry heaves to start off my morning. Today I am better with a dry cough, a little chest congestion along with my left ear feels like I have stuck my finger in it. NOT!
The kitty justice is the weather has been awful this weekend so I sure did chose the best time to be sick. Too cold to get out and do anything. 


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad Maggie got a new harness and collar... My dog Duchess had a similar one --but Duchess's was red..... Don't think they make harnesses in Tennessee Orange... ha

Patty said...

Hope you're feeling better by Monday. I want a harness for this dog we now have, because Abe thinks the collar should be loose, well it's too loose and if she pulls backward, she pulls right out of the collar. Now we just have to figure what size harness.

mississippi artist said...

Maggie is a beautiful dog. I do hope you get well soon,seems like everyone is sick.

Lady Di Tn said...

Maggie does not seem to mind the harness or pull me around like she did with just the collar. Even when it choked her. Well they should make a UT harness and color as their maskcot is a Blue Tick Hound dog, Smokey. Peace

Maggie wears a large and you can adjust the straps. Maggie is 80 lbs and I hope this helps. You will love a harness. Maggie is a good dog with her collar but a BETTER dog with the harness. Peace

I get a little better each day now if I could just get rid of this hackey cough. Peace