Wednesday, February 29, 2012

 The pine tree out back. 
 On the bottom porch looking down the hill at the white barn. 
 Still on the bottom porch looking toward the Log House. 
 Walked around between our house and the neighbors and took this photo looking toward Bellevue. 

Looking down the driveway. 
The kitty justice is I have run out of good snow photos from Sunday 2-19. 
Do you know anyone born on the 29th? For years I worked with a lady who had that birthday and she was the only one I knew until recently and I found out my good friend Lenard's wife Shirley was also born on this day. 
What are y'all gonna do with this extra day?


Small City Scenes said...

We arehave snow fall right this minute. Huge gigantic flakes. Yesterday no snow anywhere. ground clear, grass green--today a whole different story.

My girlfriend Judy---who I have known since grade school and who was (she died) my very best friend was born on Leap Year Day and her first daughter Julie was born on the 29th also. Amazing eh???

The barn on my blog is actually being torn down. It was a dairy for many years but not now. So sad. From the front side it looks ugly but this view not so bad. MB

mississippi artist said...

I don't know anyone with a birthday on the 29th, but my first marriage was that day-and don't tell me that you are only half your age or have been married half as long-mercy I couldn't have stood another minute and felt old as the hills when I got out! LOL!

Lady Di Tn said...

We have been having temps in the seventies which is not good for this time of year. Wed. we had some bad storms come through and the weather is just right for them to happen again. We were lucky with no damage near by but others were not. There were 3 deaths in TN. from the storms. That is amazing about your best friend having her child the same day she was born. So sad about the barn. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Oh my what a story for leap day. Peace