Friday, February 10, 2012

Prince playing on the telephone when he was small. Right after we were married he started working in Information Services for Nortel Networks. (Another one of those big companies drained of it's wealth through management) It is funny how telling this photo happens to represent his work now. I have posted this photo before BUT
I really wanted to talk about the telephone today and the use of them. Now days telephones are mobile devices which appear to be attach to peoples ears like "hairs on soap."Quote from the book , The Help. People just cannot let those little phones leave their hands and most are seen walking, standing , driving and sitting talking of these phones. WHEN DID EVERYONE NEED TO STAY IN TOUCH THAT MUCH. I guess they never heard the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Oh and I really see RED when  those commercial about a  program where poor people can get phones paid by John Q Public. I was poor growing up and I survived not having someone else pay for a phone for my use. That money could be used in a much better way. Again, Vote for Kitty Justice for President to each such frivolous spending of our money. 
 I really HATE being subjected to someone else telephone conversation. I have this disturbing urge to grab the phone and fling it as far as I can while praying it falls apart when it lands. Also, I hate to go out to lunch with friends and have one of them, put their phone by their plate. Unless it is an emergency they are waiting to hear about, please put your phone out of sight. As I reached for one friends phone the other day, she grabbed it and placed it in her pocket. Maybe she saw the Urge come over me. 
 Voice mail was created to take a message to be heard when a better time and place presents itself. Or at least that what I thought. Foolish me.  
Now everyone knows someone whom is on your call list that takes a full hour or two to talk too. It all begins with the comment "one more thing" and two hours later your ear has turned into cauliflower. Your back hurts and your arm is numb from holding the phone. I never call these folks who are on my list unless I have a good two hours to spend on the telephone. If I get off the phone before the two hours are over, I consider myself one lucky lady. I love these folks but know if I get on the phone, I am stuck. I have accepted their bad habit as part of loving them. I would surely call them more often if I knew I would be off the phone at a decent amount of time. I do not have to name names, as they know who they are. 
That is why I prefer E-mail or as I call it Easy Mail. I get to write whenever I have time and the recipitant gets to read it when they have time. I really dislike the statement "I do not do e mail, I would rather call." NOT ME. 
I do love to call and hear people voices but do not like to be CAPTURED. 
The Kitty Justice is I would much rather call you twenty times a week than be Captured and have my body turn to stone from inactivity. 
BTW Don't forget to give me your email address. LOL
Glad to get that off my chest, I do feel sooooo much better. LOL


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI There, I agree with everything you say about the telephone. I prefer email also for sure!!!!

I will 'text' with my kids --because they don't do email...

But--my best friend is 'hooked' to her cellphone 24/7... Unbelievable... Don't know why people need to stay in touch that much!!!!


Nezzy said...

Oh honey, move over and let me on that soapbox with ya!!!

Just the other day I thought a woman was talkin' to me in the grocery store. When I answered she flung herself 'round in a mini~rage where I could see the bluetooth stuck in her ear. She drew a deep breath or six and stomped off.

I watch couples out for dinner in a nice restaurant talkin' to other people never exchangin' two words between themselves. 'Nuff said....

God bless ya and have yourself one fantabulous weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Changes in the wind said...

Another agreement for the email:)

Small City Scenes said...

I have a picture from one of Kylee's rodeos. a young girl is working her horse in the training arena and texting at the same time---oh the modern day cowgirl. LOL

I say Amen to what you wrote AND I am voting for you in 2012. MB

DUTA said...

I'm completely with you on this.
I too prefer emails to phone talk.
I just can't stand the sight of people everywhere with their cellular glued to their ear.

Sadly, technology has also negative sides not only beneficial ones, like what we witness with the mobile phones.
Excellent post!

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear your preference. I think it is an addiction (cell phones constantly at your ear) just like any other addiction. I think most have forgotten the word MODERATION. PEACE

First of all Welcome to Kitty Justice. There is plenty of room on the box so come on up. I hate those blue tooth thingy as they do make you feel someone is talking to you. Maybe we should pull out the Tony Denero (MS) "Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?" I love that movie and him even if I cannot spell his name. Peace

Ah another thing we agree on. Maybe you could be my VP.Peace

Multi-tasking will be the end of perfection. Thanks for your vote now if I can get the rest of America behind me. Peace

It seems you along with others agree with me of the rudeness of cell phone user. I have one but I use mine only for emergencies and necessary communications and never in a restaurant. If I do get a call I try and go outside to spare others ears. Peace