Thursday, February 16, 2012

 Valentine Cards from fiends and family. The red heart sack was Godiva chocolates from our wonderful neighbors to Mimi.

These photos are of my wonderful Swarovski Tiger that Prince got me for Valentines. Is he not GORGEOUS? 
Since we only have gotten 1 day of sun shine a week since the beginning of the year, I cannot wait until the sun comes out and I can see the light play off his lovely curves. 
The Kitty Justice is this was a WONDERFUL TREAT after being sick for the last few days. I am loved even when my whiskers droop.  


Jackie said...

...Hoping for sunny days for you. (We need the rain, so I'll trade you sunshine for your precipitation.) The crystal is beauuuuutiful. What a wonderful gift from your Prince to you.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I will gladly trade ya some rain and the coming week has a bucket full for us. Peace

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a wonderful gift you received from your Prince... Love it!!!!!!

Hope the sun will come out soon and STAY out... It's been a dark, dreary, wet winter!


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~ Your Valentine cards are lovely and the crystal tiger beautiful.Thank you for the E card you sent me. And I am glad you enjoyed the story and jokes. I hope you are feeling much better my friend
Wishing you enough - Peace -
Love, Merle,

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Hallo again, greetings from "Hinterm Mond gleich links" :-). I googled the term and learned that the sitcom was also broadcasted here in a German version! In your last post you show green meadows and spring flowers from your garden - It must be a way warmer in Tenneessee than in Austria! Here the ice is s l o w l y melting. The Danube is still frozen over miles, ships cannot pass which is really quite extraordinary!
I love the beautifl crystal you received from your hubby as a Valentine present! Svarovski!! From Austria :-)
Have a nice week ahead! I have to stay in bed for the weekend as I've caught a cold and I feel miiiiiserable and look like red-nosed Rudy the reindeer! Hugs!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and today is Friday and your sun wish has come true here in Nashville. Peace

Your welcome and I do love my Tiger. I am feeling much better. At least I can talk without coughing even if I sound like a sexy frog instead of a sexy kitty. Wishing you enough. Love and Peace

Good to see y'all. Yes we have had an unusual January, being the fourth warmest on record. Sorry to hear about the cold, I am just getting over one. It took a good week, Thurs-Thurs to feel normal again. I still have a very horase voice. I love the Tiger from Austria, it shows the beauty of your world, even frozen. Peace and Get Well Soon.

Small City Scenes said...

He is gorgeous as is your Prince of a man. Hope you have many sunny days with much reflecting light. MB