Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have really enjoyed my Gazing Ball. Check out the reflections. Do y'all see me?

Wednesday is Hump Day, so now you can begin the down hill slide to the weekend. 
The Kitty Justice is Wednesday is also a good day to reflect on what has been and what will be. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thanks Merle, I needed this prayer. 
The Kitty Justice is not to WHINE when you drink. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

 The first three photos are of trees in our yard. The last one is of our neighbors Dogwood Tree at night. The reflections of the lights make the tree appear as if it has a giant white lace table cloth on top. 
The Kitty Justice is that we are lucky to enjoy the Dogwoods day and night. Thanks Benni and Steve for lighting up the night. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

This is one of the MANY TREES IN BLOOM. Do not look too close or you might just sneeze.
The Kitty Justice is Washington DC has nothing on Tennessee.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

These two barns can be seen from the Trace. You can get off and travel the unbeaten path and find more of them if you choose.
The kitty justice is these barns are so much different from each other.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

 When I popped out of the silver bullet to take a photo, I asked if I could take their picture, and the lady said she would be happy for me to take one. Her horse is watching a group of motor cycles. The Trace is a good place to trailer your horse and ride the trails provided for this entertainment. 
Puppy said he had hiked the trail last summer. The Trace is well maintained and a better use of our Federal Dollars than some. 
The kitty justice is there is usually something for everyone to do on or along the Trace.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

 TWO HEADED TURKEY. No just two males trying to out talk the other.
 I had my long lens on the camera so when I heard this flock go by the library, I grabbed my camera to see if I could get a few good shots off without hurting a turkey. LOL
This shows the actual distance I was shooting from. As soon as the corn feeder in the distance went off they flocked to the feeder to eat. A real turkey trot really. 
The kitty justice if you look and listen you never know what will travel by your window.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Prince drove us down the tunnel of purple on Natchez Trace Parkway on Sunday afternoon. Yes I was living dangerously by standing in the middle of the road taking this photo. Good thing the speed limit is 45 miles an hour. After I had popped in and out of the Silver Bullet so many times Puppy took on the rest of the photos of the Trace. 
The kitty justice is  if you are near the Trace you need to come experience this beautiful drive. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I want to shout "GOOD MORNING WORLD". A gentle breeze fluttered my light pink house coat as I ventured out the kitchen door unto the porch this morning. As I looked up to see the moon still hiding behind the green lace topped trees behind the log cabin, I could hear the cheerful conversation of the turkeys who were enjoying the clear crisp morning. I ambled down the porch with camera in hand, when from across the hill on the western side, I hear the honking of geese . The morning was still except the gentle flapping of leaves on the Holly Trees and the occasional chirping of a disgruntled bird on the feeders. As I was busy snapping the series of photos of the morning sunrise, two doe came up from the white barn to the corn feeder to see if the giant bucket had spin out any food to break their morning fast. I rejoiced in the company of Maggie and Moe while I took a massive amount of photos to capture the glory of fleeting moments. 
The kitty justice is that you enjoy my morning out on the porch with me. Now where is my coffee. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Again while Bep was here to take over Kitty duties, I ventured to Cheekwood to see the exhibit and wonder the gardens to find what was in bloom. 
The exhibit in the main building  was VISIONS OF THE AMERICAN WEST, Masterworks from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY. I was surprised that I would like the painting , The War Bonnet  best and then to see an actual ceremonial bonnet in the next display room. I took at least thirty minutes or more soaking up the details of each. Another display room had nothing but guns from that time frame. Actual clothing was display in another area, man the ladies of that time HAD TINY WAIST. The bustle on the dresses had to be cumbersome. 
After letting my eyes drink their fill of the artwork  on display, I put on my jacket, as it was very cool and the wind was blowing to beat the bands and I wandered along the paths of the gardens. 
The kitty justice if you visit Nashville and do not tour Cheekwood, you have missed a hidden treasure of our town. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The kitty justice is to enjoy being 56 because you are as old as you feel.
BTW He is SUPER HAPPY as he is a long time Vandy fan. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

 While my dear SIL was here, I got to do all sorts of things that I normally do not do. I went Shopping at our Nashville West Shopping Center. I used my I pod to take photos of the decorated guitars that sit throughout the center and hopefully if they come out okay, will post them as soon as I download again. 
 Look at the neat jewelry organizer, that I found on the clearance rack. I have looked at these at several stores, but found I am too frugal to spend what they originally ask for the item. I put my camera lens cover in one of the trays to show how big each section happens to be in the tray. 
Now for the big find of the day. I got 3 small and one large metal easel to display paintings. This painting  is one I did from a photo of  Alaska taken by a dear blogging friend. 
The kitty justice is you can really enjoy shopping if you do not have to keep watching the clock. Thanks Bep.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This blue bird box was made at Camp Bluebird, which is a camp for cancer patients. Prince bought the last one made last year and so far we have put up in our yard, four new blue bird boxes.  
Camp Bluebird also sell cook books and yes we do have the cook book from last year. In the front of the cookbook it says the following:
" Camp Bluebird Mission is to provide a safe haven for adults affected by cancer to find knowledge, hope, and healing through caring, sharing, and laughter. 
Camp Bluebird is a 3 day, 2 night camp retreat where adult cancer patients are provided with education, support and encouragement in living life after a cancer diagnosis. The first Camp Bluebird was organized in 1985 by a cancer survivor at Saint Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Today, Camp Bluebird is held in many locations throughout the country, Middle Tennessee Camp Bluebird began in 1987 as a project of Saint Thomas Hospital and the Telephone Pioneers of America (now the Bell South Pioneer Volunteers) and is one of the longest running camps of its kind. 
Camp Bluebird exists because of generous donations from many individuals. To make a tax deductible gift, go to"
The kitty justice is to check your area to see if you have a Camp Bluebird you can support if you do not live in Tennessee. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Friday Prince brought each of us a sock monkey. UT for me, AL for Bill, Vandy for Mimi. 
The basketball madness has begun. The UT girls won the SEC championship. AL is much better in football. Vandy won the SEC men championship. It has been sixty something, I believe 62 years since they played for a championship much less won. 
The kitty justice is that only in a sock monkey world would these three teams embrace each other. 

Thursday, March 08, 2012

 As I was stopped at the red light, I took a photo of the puffy white pear trees that have come out within a couple of days. 
 Heading down highway 70 to the Dollar General Store to look for some more boxes to put away clutter. They had sold out except for two and guess where they happen to live now?
This was taken at the Ace Hardware Store on highway 100, just before the storm on Friday, March 2nd. The wind was really whipping the flag. I got out last Friday to try and get all my errands ran before the predicted storm arrived. I used my new toy given to me by Puppy for my birthday to take the photos. The toy is an I pod with a great camera and the most used app is MAPS. I can even check emails etc but have not used it much for those applications. I like to discover the apps one at a time and get really comfortable with each one before I head onto a new app. I think I have almost mastered the Camera app. Besides the device is so tiny you can just slip it in your pocket. I walked the other day to a whole Neil Diamond album. Did not count laps at the Y, just kept walking until the album finished. 
BTW we did not get any damage from the storm but the bad part came within three and half miles of the hill. 
Am I the only lady in their sixties that feel intimidated by new electronic devices? 
The kitty justice is I take on a very cat like demeanor and sniff and circle the devices until I am comfortable it belongs in my world. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

If you have ever worked in the yard and suffered muscle pain, I suggest you become familiar with my two best yard buddies. Yep, after pulling weeds, blowing box wood trimmings, and hauling off the said box wood trimmings, I became really familiar with the above. The Activ On rolls on so you can keep your hands from getting messy but it does not smell as pleasant as the Joint Flex. The Joint Flex is a cream and after you put it on what HURTS you have to wash your hands dozen of times to rid them of the smell. I have thought quit often that I would use a kitchen spatula to spread it on the hurting area. Then that utensil would be forever a Joint Flex spreader. 
The Kitty Justice is if you LIKE to hurt then DO NOT USE EITHER ITEM SHOWN. 

Saturday, March 03, 2012

At the recent Girls Day Out, after we ate, Pammie and I when to Hobby Lobby. I have been looking for a gazing ball but never found one I liked. Pammie spied this one and said look at this green one. I thought she had found the perfect one to go on my porch. 
When I got home, I put the ball on the cat planter. Don't you think it is perfect? 
The Kitty Justice is the planter no longer looks odd without a plant now that we have the ball. 

Friday, March 02, 2012

It is wonderful to awake to a beautiful sky. Our sky this morning is rather ominous. Just like the weather prediction. Wednesday was a stormy day in Tennessee and then yesterday it was simply GORGEOUS. Today is much like Wednesday and we lost 3 people that day in TN. 
The KITTY JUSTICE is you cannot stop the Storms.