Thursday, March 08, 2012

 As I was stopped at the red light, I took a photo of the puffy white pear trees that have come out within a couple of days. 
 Heading down highway 70 to the Dollar General Store to look for some more boxes to put away clutter. They had sold out except for two and guess where they happen to live now?
This was taken at the Ace Hardware Store on highway 100, just before the storm on Friday, March 2nd. The wind was really whipping the flag. I got out last Friday to try and get all my errands ran before the predicted storm arrived. I used my new toy given to me by Puppy for my birthday to take the photos. The toy is an I pod with a great camera and the most used app is MAPS. I can even check emails etc but have not used it much for those applications. I like to discover the apps one at a time and get really comfortable with each one before I head onto a new app. I think I have almost mastered the Camera app. Besides the device is so tiny you can just slip it in your pocket. I walked the other day to a whole Neil Diamond album. Did not count laps at the Y, just kept walking until the album finished. 
BTW we did not get any damage from the storm but the bad part came within three and half miles of the hill. 
Am I the only lady in their sixties that feel intimidated by new electronic devices? 
The kitty justice is I take on a very cat like demeanor and sniff and circle the devices until I am comfortable it belongs in my world. 


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I am very reluctant of all the new technology. I get Brandon or my daughter to teach me to use it. I have just mastered part of my Kobo ereader that they gave me for Christmas. There is still a lot to find out about it.

Love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Lady Di Tn said...

So nice to have you visit. Since we are the same age and not of the computer era, we have those reluctant tendencies. I was proud that I at least have mastered a few of the apps. Onward to conquer more. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

It is a little nerve racking but once you get all seems so easy and fun. Go Lady Di Tn!

Small City Scenes said...

I like the new technology I just am afraid to use it. I might blow up the whole world. Well ya never know.

Nice pics---I am so glad to see trees budding out. YES!!


Lady Di Tn said...

You put it in perfect words. Peace

LOL As Gibbs on NCIS would say "You think." Maybe that is my unknown fear. Good bye world. lol Those trees came out in full force in a couple of warm days. It was rather amazing that it happen so quick. Just goes to show what a little warmth can do. Peace

DUTA said...

Enjoy your Ipod! It's a terrific birthday present!
I have no doubt in my mind that you can master any new technology.

Patty said...

Electronic devices don't bother me like they use to. I guess I figure I'm not getting any younger and if I want to learn how to use it I better get busy. LOL

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you for that supportive statement. Peace

LOL I just love your attitude. Peace

mississippi artist said...

I hate any electronic device-learning to use them that is-once I get it, it's o.k.I have had my car a year and haven't used the cruise yet!