Wednesday, March 07, 2012

If you have ever worked in the yard and suffered muscle pain, I suggest you become familiar with my two best yard buddies. Yep, after pulling weeds, blowing box wood trimmings, and hauling off the said box wood trimmings, I became really familiar with the above. The Activ On rolls on so you can keep your hands from getting messy but it does not smell as pleasant as the Joint Flex. The Joint Flex is a cream and after you put it on what HURTS you have to wash your hands dozen of times to rid them of the smell. I have thought quit often that I would use a kitchen spatula to spread it on the hurting area. Then that utensil would be forever a Joint Flex spreader. 
The Kitty Justice is if you LIKE to hurt then DO NOT USE EITHER ITEM SHOWN. 


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ These sound interesting, but are probably not available here,
I will ask next time I am at a Pharmacy. I would try a plastic glove to put on the Joint Flex, but the spatula would be a good idea. I love
your gazing ball and where you have placed it.
Thank you so much for your comments and kind words.I am
so thankful to have less pain - there is still some
but a break is good. And I don't care what the reason is and will keep up the
things I am doing and taking. I sure did enjoy the
brief visit of Kathy, and co
They have been married 25 years and the trip was part
celebration to see me and then their eldest daughter.
Glad you enjoyed some of the jokes and you are welcome to use any. Take care dear friend,Love and Peace be with you always,

Small City Scenes said...

I gfeel your pain because I must have the same. In my knees anyway. Try Bio-freeze. It works for awhile.

Love the green gazing globe in the kitty planter.

BTW: I posted a Blue Jay on my dayplus4 blog. Just for you. MB

Changes in the wind said...

Thanks for the tip but I think I will not pull weeds...that how I fell and broke my ankle.

Lady Di Tn said...

I washed in Activ On this morning. Rather I put it where it hurt. It is the most powerful of the two but now I must stay home as I smell like a GIANT BALL OF MEDICINE. Too bad they cannot make it smell like FLOWERS or even Vanilla. No one can understand pain unless you have actually had that kind of pain. For years before I had the final back surgery, (Rods and Screws) I was CONSTANTLY IN PAIN. I am so happy you are getting relief. Glad you like my glazing ball. Peace

I have used the Bio Freeze and it does not do the job that these two do. Must hop over to see your Blue Jay. Thanks and Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

I usually wear high top work boots to support my feet and ankles when I work in the yard. However, because they are so heavy and make the legs and back tender, I wore tennis shoes the last few times. Yikes I must put back on my boots so I will not fall victim to the weed monster like you did. Peace