Friday, April 06, 2012

I will probably not be back until next Monday as I am the cook for the Easter dinner. At least as of yesterday, I now have everything in the house. 
The photo above was taken  March 18th on Highway 96 going to Franklin, TN. I came by there yesterday and the bunnies and eggs still look great. During any holiday, it is fun to drive by this farm to see how they have decorated. As I was snapping these photos, a beautiful horse came up to a fence on the left and watch me as if to say, "Come take my picture too." Since we had already been on the Trace and needed to get Mimi back home as she tires easily, I did not oblige him or her. 
The Kitty Justice is to enjoy the bunnies and eggs at Easter BUT BE SURE TO REMEMBER THE TRUE MEANING. 


Jackie said...

May you have a happy and blessed Easter!

Changes in the wind said...

How cute these look in front of that fence!! Hope you have a Happy Easter.

Small City Scenes said...

A fun shot.
He is risen--we do remember. MB

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute photos, Di... Hope you all have an incredible Easter. I'm fixing ham, baked beans, tater salad, and deviled eggs for us... YUM...

Happy Easter.

Lady Di Tn said...

Same to you. Peace

Thanks and they always have something cute during Holidays. I just need to remember to drive down Highway 96. Have a great Easter. Peace

Too bad I did not have a wide angle lens to get the whole effect. I just hope others remember. Peace

Thanks. I am also cooking but for a smaller group this year. We are having Honey Baked ham, rolls, Brussels sprouts, hominy casserole, sliced tomatoes, cake and ice cream. Also, I will fix a bunch of sliced raw carrots with some ranch dip as the youngest nephew loves them. Have a wonderful Easter. Peace