Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prince and I ate at the restaurant a couple of weekends ago and I found a sign inside that all of us will need this summer.
The kitty justice is with warmer than usual weather comes more BUGS.  


Changes in the wind said...

Here it is too hot even for bugs:) Well...except for ants.

Small City Scenes said...

Love the sign---thank goodness we don't have too many skeeters. Hope the food wasn't too too spicy. MB

Jackie said...

I can't stand the 'skeeters' roun' here!
I look forward to no mosquitoes in heaven!! :))

Betsy from Tennessee said...

There's a Steamboat Bill's in Hendersonville which we LOVE. When G's Daddy used to live there, we'd go there alot for dinner after church on Sundays. Don't know if they are the same operation --or just separate restaurants with the same name. BUT--the food at the one in H'ville is excellent.

Patty said...

And for what ever reason, they seem to find me and bite the devil out of me. Perhaps that's my problem, the devil isn't out yet. LOL

mississippi artist said...

I fear you are right about the mosquitoes this year! Not to mention the many other bugs-and SNAKES! I think I might have to go lay down.

Lady Di Tn said...

Too hot for bugs!!!! I use the combat disk for ants so they crawl in take some bait then innocently take it home with them. Haha. Peace

You are a lucky critter on that one.(not having skeeters) We ask for NO spice. They kind of looked at us like we were in the wrong place but they did as we requested. Peace

I think God put them here for as a quirky sense of humor. No wonder we see less bats because they are getting to FAT to fly off the mountains of skeeters. Peace

We were on that side of town so it was probably the same one. That was the first time we ate there. Peace

Devil not in you. You probably smell sweeter than the rest of us so they munch on you first. Peace

I usually tie a sheet of bounce on my hat and stick some in my pocket to help ward them off. But then I smell like a GIANT dryer sheet. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Regarding your comment on the turkeys---I thought of your pictures when I saw the turkeys. They were so tame they came right up to the car so we got some good close ups. They were happy wandering down the little country ro. MB

DUTA said...

Nice sign about not very nice creatures - mosquitoes.

I live in a warm climate, and sadly I do have to deal with mosquitoes and ants. The best solution is..prevention, but this is not always perfect or possible.

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ We have had mountains of mosqitos as we have had flood waters all around our city and there have been oodles of the things, but I have never seen a sign about them. I worry about ants in the hot weather, but didn't have them this last summer.I sure had a lovely Christmas with my son visiting and gardening and then three grandchildren and all willing to do any jobs etc.
I think Ensure is great ~~ just like a chocolate drink
(or vanilla) and had me feeling so much better, then I got a strep throat and the painful ear was part of that I think. Got antibiotics and on the mend. I will keep the hair dryer in mind. I heat a heat pad and lay my ear on that at night. Glad you liked the Tired Dog story and the jokes. Take great care my friend, Lve,Merle.o

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you thought of us when you saw those Turkeys. Our flocks are not really wild either as they come right up to the front yard. The other day I looked out an a big male was all puffed out looking at himself in our neighbors glass door. I had to laugh as he was trying to intimidate himself. Peace

I hear ya, sometimes you thing you have done all you can do and then the creepy crawler and nasty flyer come visit anyway. Peace

OODLES would be a bad amount of those skin divers. So far if I am out gardening, I tie a bounce dryer sheet to my hat and cover all exposed skin with skin so soft oil made by Avon with a tad of rubbing alcohol added. So far it works. I had my doubts about the dryer sheet but tried it anyway and it also worked. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Peace