Saturday, June 02, 2012

 My wonderful Prince turned sixty this last week. He took a few days off and we played, piddled and even manage doing some work. 

 I got him a signed hat, shirt and book . Thanks DW you made his day. 
I had our friend Danny Greer to make Prince a couple of candle holders from wood that came from our farm. 
The kitty justice is he looks great on his big 6-----0. 


Patty said...

Happy Belated Birthday from the Lincoln's in Ohio. 60, wish that were possible again. Now going on 76 this fall, and I'm finding each year seems as though something new comes along. I think my body just does not like it's self. LOL

Have a great Sunday. We're having the Custer Reunion, they say it's to be a cool day, which will be nice, considering it's outside all day, well we do have an enclosed cabin with electric if we have to get in out of a storm, but building is surrounded by lots of old trees. We eat in the cabin, I believe it's used for boy scouts or something like that, all the drop down doors that cover the open windows will raise and air blows straight through the place. One year it had rained so much, the place was flooded, so everyone showed up at my parents house since they lived in the same town. Mom didn't have time to kill herself cleaning, it was all unexpected, and like I told her, everything went smoothly. Time to clean is when it's over. LOL

Changes in the wind said...

Happy birthday to your man....My hubby just turned 70 and the years just seem to fly by.

Jackie said...

Happy HAPPY birthday to your Prince.
Having candle holders made from the wood on your farm is a wonderful idea; that is a gift you both will treasure forever.

DUTA said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful Prince!
Your gifts for him are awsome!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I gave him the msg. Sounds like a fun weekend. Prince's Grandmother on his father's side still have a reunion but only every 5 years. I think your tradition is a grand thing to do. Peace

Surprised to see yawl as I thought you still abroad. Thanks for the wishes. I agree with you and tell your guy a happy belated one from the hill. Peace

Thank you. He put them on the mantle in the downstairs den. We have candle light at dinner every night no matter what is served. I told Puppy to take notes on his romantic Dad. Peace

Thank you and if I have not told you yet, I love your new photo. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ A belated Happy Birthday to your Prince. He looks well and happy as he should be living with you.
I am so glad you liked the Pilot's joke, someone said it was politically incorrect for the Chinese and the Jews.
It's a joke, for goodness sakes.
I am doing well again, just have to walk with the frame for safety. Must be all that 'wishing me enough' and I thank you for that my friend. I like your pic too.
Take great care, Wishing YOU enough, Love and Peace, Merle.