Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When I took Mimi to her family doctor the last time, she sent us to the lab to have lab work done and in the room where the specimens were taken were these 2 cute plastic dogs. 
I asked the lab worker if they did lots of children labs and she advised me that they did not. Apparently the puppies had run away from home because one day she said they just appeared. Also, the little yellow chair could be turned over and used as a rocky horse. Instead of sitting in that lab all alone and never have a child play with them, why are they not somewhere a child could play and have fun. 
The kitty justice is this is another senseless waste of resources that could put a smile on a child's face. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

 Every afternoon when Prince gets home from work, he heads to the tomato patch. He picks at least a basket full every evening. He has to pick them as they just begin turning color because the birds ,whom I feed lots of seeds, proceed to peck holes in the tomatoes. 
Puppy's little garden has produced with the rains we had this month. These are only half of what he picked. 
After I have cooked, frozen, canned, etc, we still have plenty to share. 
The kitty justice is it feels good to give good produce away. Yep, it is organic. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Peaches gave Cat and I this book and I started reading it just last week when it was toooo hot to work outside. Kathleen Willey was a life long Democrat and worked very hard on the Clinton's campaign but if you read her story you see just how awful she was treated. Clinton sexual addiction and Hillary's cold calculating ways portray a shameful abuse of power. 
The Kitty Justice is it scares the Hell out of me that she is Secretary of State. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

This photo was taken close to six thirty Sunday morning. The fog was so enchanting in the valley. I watch the silky foggy fingers begin to rise and float to the northwest. 
We had more rain in the last 9 days than we had all of the previous 77 days. But now the rain is history and it is hot and muggy outside. I got out at seven thirty this morning to pull weeds and stayed out until eleven . Everything I had on looked like I had stood under a shower. I peeled my clothes off and took a refreshing shower and now I plan to hide in the house for the rest of the day. 
The kitty justice is I have just enough energy to stay on the computer . See yawl. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Look we have clouds in the sky. We also were lucky to get some rain this week. Not complaining but the valley still got more than we did on the hill but I am thankful for any and all rain. 
 Moe Kitty is taking a nice long nap on the concrete porch since the 3 digit temps have not been in affect this week. Thanks be to God. 
The portrait below is of Thomas B. Wilson Sr and his sister Fannie Wilson. She married a Harris. Now since I am a giant fan of history and I found out that 10 boxes were in the Tennessee State Archives with a intro stating " that they were not certain about the Harris Wilson connection." I knew about the connection and there were lots of unidentified photo therefore, I carried a copy of the lineage for their records and then spent 5 hours looking at everything in each box. First of all the photos were pristine and the staff  were so very helpful and kind. I feel like I helped a little and will try to find out more for the file. The intro the file,  also indicated they did not know how these files came about. I feel that Cuden Will Harris and Cuden Mary Lou Harris (2 unmarried children of Fannie- see blog post in 2007 dated August 22nd, 23rd and 24th) when Waveland was torn down for an airport runway these files were taken with the Harris siblings to Steven Sanitarium where they spent their finally days. The Steven Sanitarium was also torn down and I feel  Cousin Con was still in Georgia and just told whoever was in charge to give the files to the state archives. Then in 1998 the work was completed on this file consisting of 10 boxes. The kitty justice is I feel Honored  to  help furnish future generation the connections and names of those I can identify. 

Monday, July 09, 2012

The concrete flower is located near the Howe Garden at Cheekwood. I took the photo the end of May. 
Why a concrete flower? Well, within the last two weeks we have set 8 (EIGHT) new temperature records. The hottest was 109. Yesterday was the first day we were in double digits. And last evening it rain some on the hill which it had not done in over a month. The grass in our yard is brown and the ground is as hard as concrete. The tops of trees are dying and leaves scatter the ground like it is fall. 
The rain did not get the ground under trees or bushes wet but we have been promised more rain this week. It is rather hard to watch the rain in the distance go all around the hill and we would not get a drop. We did however, get the tail end of the wind and pots would turn over on the upper porch. But that was all the damage not like the rest of the state which has had many bad storms with tree damage and folks without electricity. This morning we awoke to the news that over near where Puppy went to College, there were trees down thus services were out. It is irony that we all have gotten so spoiled with our services that some actually get on the TV and whine. Others are impatience and rude saying the electricity needs to be fixed NOW. As for me and mine, we are thankful there are folks out there in all kinds of weather and conditions doing their best to restore power. The kitty justice is it is too bad we cannot put the whiner and rude people on the bottom of the restoration list. 

Sunday, July 01, 2012

 These series of photos go up the hill to the left of the photo and then back around to the front. "There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something." J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, 1937. 
This is one of my favorite series of books but it has to be my second favorite tree house.  
 Yes, I had to go up and see the view from the top. 

You can either slide down on the very end of the structure or turn and go back down the incline. 
 That is Prince coming up the walkway under neath the Tree House. Good view of the slide in the photo below. The kitty justice did I or did I not go down that slide?