Monday, July 09, 2012

The concrete flower is located near the Howe Garden at Cheekwood. I took the photo the end of May. 
Why a concrete flower? Well, within the last two weeks we have set 8 (EIGHT) new temperature records. The hottest was 109. Yesterday was the first day we were in double digits. And last evening it rain some on the hill which it had not done in over a month. The grass in our yard is brown and the ground is as hard as concrete. The tops of trees are dying and leaves scatter the ground like it is fall. 
The rain did not get the ground under trees or bushes wet but we have been promised more rain this week. It is rather hard to watch the rain in the distance go all around the hill and we would not get a drop. We did however, get the tail end of the wind and pots would turn over on the upper porch. But that was all the damage not like the rest of the state which has had many bad storms with tree damage and folks without electricity. This morning we awoke to the news that over near where Puppy went to College, there were trees down thus services were out. It is irony that we all have gotten so spoiled with our services that some actually get on the TV and whine. Others are impatience and rude saying the electricity needs to be fixed NOW. As for me and mine, we are thankful there are folks out there in all kinds of weather and conditions doing their best to restore power. The kitty justice is it is too bad we cannot put the whiner and rude people on the bottom of the restoration list. 


mississippi artist said...

My goodness with temps like those, I quess concrete flowers would be all that would survive. It has been miserable here, but not that bad. We finally started getting rain and the temps dropped. Of course I got my power bill today and I almost fainted! I am so thankful to be able to stay cool, when so many people have been without power.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

One of these days (hopefully during the spring) we will get to Cheekwood... We've never been there...

We waited all day for rain. Tonight it came close--but went all around us... Dang it!!!!! We're still waiting...

Changes in the wind said...

Such unusual heat for many area's. Hopefully relief is in sight.

Lady Di Tn said...

It is rather daunting to see everything turn brown. The last few days there has been rain in the area but not so much on the hill. But at this point I will take what we can get. I was not lucky enough to have air conditioning until I graduated from High School and no air on my car until I got my second car a 1986 Honda Prelude. Young people today would feel deprived if they had to go without air conditioning. Peace

Whenever you get to go to Cheekwood, let me know and I will meet you there as I am a member and we can eat lunch in the Pineapple Room. We have gotten a little but the low areas have gotten quite a lot. The advantage and disadvantages of living on a Hill. Peace

Well all but one record we broke, I was alive so I have seen the hottest days except one since I have been on this TN ground. Of course I was too young to remember the first records but not now. LOL Peace

DUTA said...

Imagine that - where I live we're not even expecting rain. It never rains in summer, and the heat is quite unbearable.
We have also power outages because of great electricity consumption.

Lee said...

Nice post, Lady D!

Don't overdo things in that heat!