Friday, July 13, 2012

Look we have clouds in the sky. We also were lucky to get some rain this week. Not complaining but the valley still got more than we did on the hill but I am thankful for any and all rain. 
 Moe Kitty is taking a nice long nap on the concrete porch since the 3 digit temps have not been in affect this week. Thanks be to God. 
The portrait below is of Thomas B. Wilson Sr and his sister Fannie Wilson. She married a Harris. Now since I am a giant fan of history and I found out that 10 boxes were in the Tennessee State Archives with a intro stating " that they were not certain about the Harris Wilson connection." I knew about the connection and there were lots of unidentified photo therefore, I carried a copy of the lineage for their records and then spent 5 hours looking at everything in each box. First of all the photos were pristine and the staff  were so very helpful and kind. I feel like I helped a little and will try to find out more for the file. The intro the file,  also indicated they did not know how these files came about. I feel that Cuden Will Harris and Cuden Mary Lou Harris (2 unmarried children of Fannie- see blog post in 2007 dated August 22nd, 23rd and 24th) when Waveland was torn down for an airport runway these files were taken with the Harris siblings to Steven Sanitarium where they spent their finally days. The Steven Sanitarium was also torn down and I feel  Cousin Con was still in Georgia and just told whoever was in charge to give the files to the state archives. Then in 1998 the work was completed on this file consisting of 10 boxes. The kitty justice is I feel Honored  to  help furnish future generation the connections and names of those I can identify. 


Lee said...

Oh! To be a cat! Particularly a cat with an owner like you or I!!

The rain has just left us here...for a couple of days, anyway.

Stay cool, Miss Kitty...I hear you guys up that way have been experiencing a heat wave.

Nicholas Temple said...

This year has been a difficult one. I am concerned about drought in many places.

Lady Di Tn said...

Our cats are care for better than ourselves. LOL Trying to do my best to stay cool.Peace

Nice to see yawl. I do believe the mid west was hit the worse. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ The cat looks so comfortable. Glad you finally got some rain and I hope more is on the way.
Thank you for your comments
and glad you enjoyed the jokes. I love the painting of the children. Take care my friend, Love, Merle.