Sunday, September 30, 2012


Last week started out GRAND. The weather was just right and I was getting lots of things done. I even made this Ole Time Apple Pie with the apples Prince picked off our trees. BTW Prince does not often eat dessert but he had TWO pieces of this pie on Tuesday. That my friends is a ringing endorsement of any dessert on the hill. Anyhoo, the next day Puppy helped me with the plants that I needed to move inside the basement for winter. I come inside after a good morning of getting things done have lunch and then head for the shower. I had scheduled a massage that afternoon so I needed to get ready. The water was off. Yes Harpeth Valley Utility District had done it again. I get water in the sink out of the hot water and try to sponge off. I had the urge to go cancel the massage but then I hear the pipes dance and I now know the water is back on. I jump in the shower wash my hair first and just and I get the soap out, you guess it the water starts to get less and less. Then it HIT ME. My back hurt so bad, I could hardly move. I thought good thing I am getting a massage as the stress and work has gotten my back out of whack. I can barely move but I make it to the massage, afterwards I could hardly walk. My back felt like I was breaking into . I made it back home and I hit the bed and am just now able to sit up. I guess I will call the doctor tomorrow as I have tried everything I know to do and I must admit I am better but boy does it still hurt. 
The KITTY JUSTICE is life can be moving along at a perfect clip when WAM INTO THE WALL YOU GO JUST LIKE A NASCAR DRIVER. 


Lee said...

Oh! Dear! I hope you're feeling loads better now, Miss Kitty. I empathise with the most unexpected times, I yank the muscles in my lower back and it's hell! And there seems little that can be done about it, other than time. So take it easy.

I love the look of that apple pie! :)

Changes in the wind said...

That sure seemed strange...hope you feel better soon.

Lady Di Tn said...

lee, Gonna go to the Experts today and see if it can be fixed easily. Thanks for the compliment on the pie because you are the expert on fixin good food photos and recipes. Peace

Yep no warning just bam and I was out for the count. Peace

DUTA said...

Your apple pie looks delicious. I must confess I'm a great fan of all sorts of apple pies.

Sorry about your back condition. I'm sure that just a good rest of a few days will help you get rid of the pain.

Lady Di Tn said...

My doctor was on vacation so I saw another in the group and he thinks it is a slipped disc.
Thanks I do too. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Yummy apple pie. Yessirie!!!

Doesn't it seem like troubles just come one after another. Booo!! I hope you get your back taken care in a hurry.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Sorry about your back... That is not a 'fun' pain to have!!!! YUK... Hope you are better now.

That apple pie looks fabulous.. Makes me hungry. I'd love a piece with some vanilla ice cream on top...