Thursday, September 06, 2012

Notice how far the sun is to the southeast on this September morning. The header photo was taken   in a different season because of the sun's position. 
Last evening at dinner time, it rained up and down, around and sideways within an hours time. God's fireworks and drum rolls accompanied the pitter pat of the rain. We were happy that we only lost one oak tree and it is on the old road of the property near the street. However, if it had been any taller, the top would have obstructed the driveway. Our neighbors had a hickory tree broken in half and a HUGE oak limb fall into their front yard. 
Even the weather folks did not predict this as they had just stated before the Heaven's open with the hand of an Angry God that Davidson county was gonna miss the brunt of the storm. 
This morning when I looked out a blanket of fog was covering Bellevue. I waited for the sun to appear out of it's sleep and case a golden glow over the earth before I snapped a few photos. 
The Kitty Justice is I would have hated to be in the Middle of the Storm last night. 


Betsy Adams said...

We got that storm too, with no warnings... BUT--luckily, ours was just heavy rain, lightning and thunder.. No trees down here I don't think...

We needed the rain though ---so I'm glad we at least got some of that...

Love your sun pictures--showing the different seasons.. One reason we like to go to Arkansas in the winter is because we can see the sunset perfectly from our cabin. In other seasons, we cannot.

How are you? The Blood Sugar? I've been thinking about you.

Lee said...

I love the photo. We need rain here badly...and just looking at the coming week's forecast, there's none on its way...unfortunately.