Friday, September 07, 2012

What is this? It is the brain or as the parts departments say Control Panel to my Whirlpool washer. 
My old dial machine with a smaller tub lasted throughout Puppy's younger years and washed many a dirty football uniforms, play clothes and Prince's farm work clothes. While Puppy was in college, I thought a new machine was in order as the old machine was at least 20 years old. Therefore, I got an energy saving machine with a large tub and it conserved water as it would determine how much water was needed due to the size of the load. 
A few months ago it would not start until after 4 restarts, each time a error code of "F1" was produced. Then after a few more weeks, it would stop and produce the same error code during the rinse cycle. On it's panel, there was a Rinse and Drain cycle so I would have to put it on that cycle and restart at least two or three times before it would finish the load of clothes.
Now I will profess, I love Google as it is a great help to many problems. 
I got on the website and found out this error was a Control Panel issue. I watched a U tube video on how to repair the machine and asked Prince if we could fix it. He said we could so I began a search for the part. YIKES!!!!!!! Finally I ordered the part, well it sat in the box for another month before Prince was ready to tackle the problem. I am a patience Kitty but it was a real pain to do laundry as you could NOT leave the d--- machine as you did not know when you would have to restart it so it would finish the load. 
Now I am not one to lay blame but I do have a theory as to why the control panel when haywire. Remember the part about the machine determining the water level before I present my theory. Our local water department, Harpeth Valley Water District has almost daily or at least three times a week shut the water off. Why would I blame them? Well, when the water has been off if you run water out of any pipe, the blow out of air will scare the life out of ya(NOT KIDDING AS YOU CAN PEE IN YOUR PANTS), since you are expecting a nice stream of water to appear. 
If they the water company continue their shut offs and I have to replace the control panel again, I plan to send them the bill. 
The Kitty Justice is that is my theory and I am sticking to it. 


Changes in the wind said...

So glad you could fix it yourself and think you may be right on the theory.

Small City Scenes said...

I agree with your theory. Totallt!!!
We have been water pipe hammer lately and I contacted our water company. It is a small private one just in our area (Tatoosh Water Company) and the fellow told me that he a 2 heavy volume users---farmers--and when they
turn on their irrigation pipes we get the hammer. And we hear it because we are the house on the highest piece of land. So far--NOTHING!!

Love the tree house. I want one too. MB

Lee said...

Sounds a pretty plausible theory to me. I'd take note of the timing if you can and I'd definitely take it up with them. It may go on for infinity but you could get some satisfaction from them. It's either that or get yourself a tub and a washboard! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the support in theory and I felt good about being able to fix it and ole google really helped out. Peace

I like your description "water pipe hammer" Poor Mimi said if she flushes before she removes herself, she feels as if she will be blown across the room. Peace

No thanks on the tub and washboard as I did that when I was young. We also made Lye soap. Boy do I feel old now. Peace

Lee said...

You're not alone there, Lady Di...I still do a fair bit of hand washing...I don't mind doing it at all.