Thursday, November 29, 2012

2 little lamps

 The gentleman stands on one side of my tea pot display cabinet and a lady stands on the other side. Be sure to enlarge the photos so you can see the details of the couple.
I picked them up for a steal at a Thrift Shop in nearby Franklin, but had to scoured the town and our eastern city of Lebanon to find the correct shades. I will not tell you where I found these shades but here is a hint, I do not like to go there.
The kitty justice is to keep searching until you find the right item or in this case items.


Lee said...

I can't even begin to guess where you found the shades, Lady Di...but you did well.

Very quaint...lovely.

Take care. :)

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful lamps. I love the figures and could not guess where you bought the shades-----oops I think I do. heehee

What do you mean you ran out of photo space??? I think I did too unless I make my photos real small. I need answers. MB

Mary said...

Love the lamps, Di.

Thanks for dropping by the Writing Nook. So glad to have time to post once in a while.

I must look back in your posts to see what I've missed. I'm thinking of the lovely photos you always put up when you decorate.


Betsy Adams said...

Love your new purchase... SO pretty--both of them. AND the shades are perfect, wherever you got them.


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. It is a company that started in Arkansas. Now can you guess? Peace

Thanks and yes you know where I got them. I rarely every go into that store but everyone else loves it. I do not like the fact that they come in and run small business out of business. Like I said google would not post any photos unless I bought more photo space which I bit the bullet and did. Nasty ole google. Like they do not have enough business to continue free space for blogger. Peace

So glad you had a chance to stop by and yes I plan to put photos on the blog of the little decorating that I have done this year. Peace

I found the lamps over in a corner and fell in love with them and knew they would look good in the library. I found the shades at that place that begins with a W and ends with a t. Not my favorite place as I have said plenty of times. Peace

Jackie said...

Love your lamps...
And I LOVE your header. It is sooo beautiful!

Lee said...

I originally was going to say "Walmart", Lady Di, but I thought I'd be way off the mark.

We don't have Walmart down this I only know about it from what I read and hear etc.....but seeing you gave me the challenge, I looked it my original guess was correct.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you on both counts. Peace

You guessed correctly. Any big box store, you have to walk too long on concrete floors and that does not help my back problems. Peace